Prop Inflatable Used at White House Protest

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Pipeline Inflatable at White HouseYou wouldn’t know it, but inflatables have become a very powerful item for groups to have. We know that inflatable advertising and promotion is a great way for businesses to showcase their wares or brand name, but lately, inflatables have become so much more. For instance, we have talked about the inflatable rat being used during protests and the inflatable pig that caused a riot at a soccer game. This next news story is just the latest example of the power of inflatables.

According to a story from, environmental protestors used an inflatable to display their disgust with the potential installation of an oil pipeline between Canada and the United States. From the article:

“…nearly 3,000 environmental protesters converged around the White House carrying 500 feet of inflatable pipeline. Obama had delayed deciding on the pipeline extension until after the election, but must now consider whether to approve the TransCanada-owned pipe, which would carry crude oil from Alberta’s tar sands to the Gulf Coast.”

The group, using its 500 feet of inflatable pipeline, rallied against a possible “yes” decision due to potential carbon emissions that may spring from the pipeline. The group,, has been successful in many of its protests, the article says. Another reason for pipeline opposition, aside from the environmental issues, would be the seizure of personal property from citizens solely in deference to the pipeline:

“Much recent protest to the Keystone pipeline has focused on the construction of its southern leg in Texas. The Tar Sands Blockade group has staged high-profile blockades, with the help of activists, celebrities and local landowners who oppose the seizure of their land under eminent domain for the purposes of the oil pipeline.”

Do you think that this environmental group’s usage of an inflatable pipeline prop made its point to politicians? Would you ever consider using an inflatable in this way? Let us know in the comments!