Schools and Inflatable Mascots

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Custom inflatables have a number of purposes that you may not have thought of before. The primary usage for inflatables that we see regularly is for entertainment or safety – i.e. bounce houses and air bags, respectively. What you may not think of is the important role that inflatables play in the advertising world, especially if you do not own a business or have anything to promote. One area that inflatables are expanding into is the sports world, where inflatables are becoming a major part of drawing crowd response and participation.

This is the case in Chambersburg, PA, where a local high school spent a big portion of its budget on an inflatable mascot and tunnel. From Public Opinion Online:

“The Trojan stands 26 feet tall in front of a 25-foot tunnel. Its cost was $6,000, CASHS [Chambersburg Area Senior High School] Principal Buddy Chapel said. Student activity accounts are created to serve clubs and programs at school, such as student government, the school store, yearbook or class events, such as the prom.”

The funding is controlled entirely by the students themselves, the article says, so the choice to purchase the two custom inflatable sports items was in the student body’s hands. The principal of the school actually pitched the idea, citing that his last school had a mascot tunnel. The process of building these inflatables took a little while:

“Senior Cooper McGarvey worked with a concept artist from Cogswell Creations Sports Inflatables to determine a design. Cogswell sent a concept drawing to CASHS. Once it was approved, the school had the tunnel custom made.”

This school has taken the steps that many sports teams are now beginning to take. Our sports teams play better when the crowd is active and excited. By adding inflatable elements to their games based on their school’s mascot, there is a new ability to really draw the crowd in when the home team needs it the most.