Inflatable Obstacle Course Used for Fire Safety

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When it comes to inflatable products, it can be argued that the bounce house is the most popular party rental available. However, following close behind is the inflatable obstacle course, which comes in a number of varieties and themes. Most are constructed as a great way to have races between people, both old and young. Whether it is a military themed course or just a fun multi-color course, everyone will have a great time. A recent article from The Post Crescent found an interesting use for an inflatable obstacle course that mixes this fun with an educational spin.

The article says that firefighters from Neenah-Menasha, Wisconsin, are purchasing a new inflatable obstacle for fire safety awareness and education:

“The obstacle course measures 14 feet wide, 14 feet tall and 73 feet long — nearly the length of a tennis court — and comes from an Ohio company that has made towering balloon characters for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Firefighters think the obstacle course will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin. ‘I don’t think there’s any other department around that has something like this,’ Fire Chief Al Auxier said.”

The new fire-themed inflatable will cost almost $17,000, the article says. All of the funding will come from grants and funds not directly connected to local taxpayer dollars. What makes this course unique is its construction, which has standard obstacles utilized in new ways. For instance, the stairs that most obstacle courses include actually lead to a smoke detector on this course:

“The obstacle course starts with a ‘stop, drop and roll’ area and a crawl through a window to simulate exiting a building. The next area teaches ‘crawl low in smoke’ or ‘stay low and go.’ The inflatable consists of two sections that can be separated for use in two locations or in smaller venues like gymnasiums and churches. The sections are designed to deflate quickly in case firefighters need to leave for an emergency.”

This is a truly unique way to utilize an inflatable for usage as an fun, educational tool that promotes a message of safety!