Sixty Foot Inflatable Snowman Stolen in Ireland

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It is the time of year we have all been waiting for – the return of holiday inflatables! From Santa Claus snow globes to Sesame Street characters perched on gift boxes, you have no doubt come across a few yards in your neighborhood adorned with a collection of holiday inflatables. The same probably goes for businesses in your area – making sure they use these inflatables for advertising holiday gifts and services – maybe you’ve seen an inflatable Rudolph on your way to work. While many towns have set up holiday displays in public areas, one had some trouble keeping its inflatable Frosty the Snowman from being stolen.

According to The Irish Times, the town of Wicklow recently had Snowy the Snowman stolen from atop a gift shop, much to everyone’s disappointment.

“The spokeswoman said the snowman – known as Snowy – had been taken from its position on top of a gift shop in the town nine days ago. It appeared to have been placed in Fitzwilliam Square in the town in the early hours of yesterday. Weighing about 8 stone, she said, the snowman had been deflated but still required several men to move it.”

Inflatable SnowmanThe article says that some time later, a passerby noticed something puzzling – Snowy had returned. A call was made and authorities were alerted to the reappearance of the 60-foot inflatable, which would have taken several men to move it. The deflated Snowy actually had a sign on him that said, “Sorry,” an apparent apology from the thief. An authority from Wicklow’s Historic Gaol said the return was a major relief:

“John Sinnott of Wicklow Chamber of Commerce said the people of the town were ‘thrilled’. ‘We hope to return him to his rightful perch atop a building in the centre of the town by tomorrow. The children of the town are so happy to have Snowy back in plenty of time for the Christmas festival.’”