Inflatable Earbuds Will Change the Way You Listen to Music

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Inflatable Earbuds

Do you hate when your earbuds falls out of your ears? Hate how they don’t fit into your ears the way they should? Well, your problems are solved with a new kind of earbud that inflates to fit inside your ears. The earbud company is targeting Apple, and you could see the inflatable earbud product in their stores in the near future.

The inflatable earbud is the brainchild of Stephen Ambrose. Stephen is a pioneer in audio technology, and the founder of Asius Technologies. His goal is to use his inflatable technology to deliver better sound for consumer earbuds, hearing aids, and in-ear monitors used by performing artists. Stephen also wants to do all this without any collateral hearing damage from cranked up volume normally used to compensate for imperfect listening devices.

Ambrose is quoted saying, “We went to Apple, and they said we have the holy grail of in-ear devices and they just can’t wait for us to be in their store.” This is great news for Ambrose and for all the people out there who are fed up with the old fashioned style of earbuds.

Here’s how it works. The inflated earpieces create a comfortable feeling inside the ear that resembles a slight change in air pressure. The earpieces harness the sounds pressure from the headphone or hearing aid speakers and use it to inflate themselves. The inflatable earpieces create an “isolation” seal inside the ear that blocks outside noise and will absorb some of the excess sound from the actual earphones. Excess sound is what can hurt the eardrum and trigger an acoustic reflex that defensively dampens loud sounds. This reflex is what makes people increase the volume of their earphones and can cause damage to your eardrums.

Getting the inflatable hearing aids will eliminate the need to get custom ear molds made. This process involves pouring silicone inside the ear canals to create a mold that is used to create the perfect fit hearing aids. The inflatable hearing aids inflate and take on the shape of your inner ears. This also allows for the hearing aids to change shape, as the canals change shape inside your ears as you age.

Right now, Ambrose is working on perfecting his product, so it can be sold to the public through Apple. His prototype has survived the past two years of extensive use and many inflations and deflations. With a strong prototype, the finished project will change the way we listen to music forever.