Inflatables Entertain Members of Boys and Girls Club

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Inflatables 2000

The members of the Hudson High School Explorer’s football team came to the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland to help the kids have a good time for the holidays. Along with around 30 football players, family members and friends also came to volunteer. The event, called “Holiday Games Day,” was organized by Marylee Maendler and other parents. The mother of a sophomore football player, Marylee brought in treats, games, a photo booth, and inflatables to make it a memorable day for the members of the club.

Organizers collected cash donations to raise money for the event. They rented inflatables that made an obstacle course. The photo booth was set up for free unlimited photos and there were different accessories for the kids to dress up in. Inflatable Obstacle CourseJoAnn fabrics donated over 140 blanket kits for the kids, so they could make their own blankets and bring them home with them. The children got to play on the inflatables, do lots of crafts, and take all the pictures they wanted with their friends and family.

Marylee and the other organizers were not sure what to expect at first, because it was their first time doing the event. A snowstorm hit the day before the scheduled date, so they were unsure how many kids would make it. To the organizers surprise, about 120 kids from the club made it to the Holiday Games Day and they had a great time.

Even though it started out as a football-sponsored event, about 40 businesses and families were responsible for the success of the first Holiday Games Day. The day came to conclusion when the volunteers handed out 200 gourmet cupcakes to the kids that were donated by Main Street Cupcakes, a local bakery. The whole day was a great experience for the football players and the members of the Boys and Girls Club.