Traveling Show uses Rainforest inflatable to Make Learning Fun

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Bixby's Inflatable Rainforest

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest was entertaining families recently at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in South Dakota. The traveling exhibit goes around the country to teach kids about how they can protect the rainforest while having a good time. Bixby’s offers crafts, live animals, stage shows, and inflatable rainforest rides.

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest traveling exhibit is part of a series of exhibits called Bixby & Friends. All of the exhibits have educational themes and focus on teaching kids through fun activities. Bixby and his friends most recently visited the Sioux Falls Convention Center to teach kids about preserving the rainforest. Families came to learn about saving the rainforest and the exotic animals that live there.

The exhibit is geared towards children between the ages of 1 and 12. The BixbInflatable Rock Climbing Wally’s Inflatable Rainforest tries to not only teach the children, but enrich family interaction and involvement. Bixby’s Interactive Rainforest is 50,000 square feet, which is plenty of room for kids to explore and learn. The main attractions are the three large inflatables that the kids can interact with. The Tiki Island Climbing Wall, Bixby’s Ball Crawl, and Bixby’s Rainforest Express Train are fan favorites. The large inflatable rock climbing wall is popular among the kids, as they get to climb up to the top of the inflatable mountain side.

The event brings education and entertainment together. They hope to raise awareness about the destruction and deforestation of the rainforest. Many people are not aware that over 46 million acres of rainforest are lost every year. By informing the families and children at a young age, they hope they will be more conscious of this issue all their life. Taught different ways they can help, such as recycling, the kids can be active advocators for the cause.

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest is a great event for the whole family. The kids will learn a great deal about preserving the rainforest while having an amazing time. Bixby & Friends also have exhibits about the ocean, the desert, and farming and agriculture.