Inflatable Bag Helps Keep Fragile Items Safe During Travel

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Inflatable VinnieBag

Have you wrapped some bottles of wine or liquid inside your luggage when flying, and find your clothes are ruined when you get home? Well with the VinniBag, you will be able to fly with no worries, because you can be sure all of your clothes and possessions will be safe.

High altitudes can cause products in your suitcase or carry-on to explode and that will potentially ruin other possessions of yours. When you are away on vacation, you may want to bring home wines, oils, and other liquids from your destination. Do not let the fear of your clothes being ruined be a deterrent from taking home some native items home from your trip.

With the VinniBag, you will not have to worry about any liquids exploding and ruining your things. The VinniBag is a custom inflatable bag that you can store items that contain liquid in. Made in the USA, the VinniBag is a recyclable and versInflatable Bagatile inflatable bag that will hold any bottle containing liquid. It is designed for travel by air, car, train, bike, boat, and even backpack. It is great for plane travel, because the VinniBag is engineered to withstand fluctuations in altitude and temperature.

The VinniBag is easily stored when not in use and is inflatable by simply blowing a few breaths into it. When inflated, the contents are safely stored inside and in the even the liquid should come out, it will not harm any other things you have stored in your bag. Some other popular things you can store inside the VinniBag are alcohols, olive oil, shampoo, perfume, and things made of glass. Another plus is the clear design that allows for visual inspection without having to open the bag. This makes it easy for customs to easily view the contents and not hold you up.

With the inflatable VinniBag, you will never have to worry about your clothes or possessions being ruined by liquids ever again. Whether you are going on a plane or just taking a short drive, use the VinniBag to protect any fragile items or bottles containing liquids.