Inflatable Car Cover Protects Vehicles from the Elements

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Inflatable Car Cover

Inflatable Cover






Not all homes have garages built onto them, and many people have to leave their vehicles outside, where they are vulnerable to harsh weather. The elements of the outdoors can victimize unprotected vehicles with wind, rain, snow, hail, and sunlight. One man has invented an alternative to brick and mortar garages that can creatively protect your vehicle from whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

The cleverly designed inflatable car cover is called the Hail Protector. It works by inflating up Inflatableto create a layer of air between the vehicle and the outside of the cover. According to the manufacturer, the Hail Protector will protect your prized possession from hailstones up to the size of softballs.

There is definitely a market for this product. It is estimated that the average claim for hail-related damage is over $3,000. In 2011 alone, nearly $800 million in hail-related claims were paid out. Hail, snow, wind, and other outdoor elements can wreak havoc on an unprotected vehicle. The sun’s ultraviolet rays alone can cause a vehicle’s paint to fade, crack, and peel. Over exposure to rain and snow can cause rust and water damage to electrical systems and a vehicle’s interior. By using this inflatable product, you can avoid these damaging elements.

The device is portable and runs on batteries, AC power, or a lighter socket. It easily fits into a carry bag that can fit in the trunk of your vehicle, so you can protect it wherever you are. The Hail Protector also comes with an app for your smartphone that will send you a warning when local weather services detect a possible approaching hailstorm.