Amazing Inflatable Art from around the World

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Inflatable art has a playful feel about it. It can remind us of birthday party balloon animals and bounce houses. Many artists from around the world have recently worked to create amazing inflatable sculptures that are unlike anything you have ever seen. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing inflatable art ever created.

Art Attacks by Filthy Luke, Manchester, United Kingdom
As a part of his “Art Attacks” series, Filthy Luke created giant inflatable tentacles that seemed to be coming out of the windows of a building in Manchester. His playful art turned the city into a scene from a cheesy horror film.

Art Attacks

Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman, Hong Kong
Just recently, a giant inflatable rubber ducky was seen floating in Victoria Harbor. The giant inflatable dwarfed the boats in the harbor and after it was deflated it was brought back by popular demand.

Inflatable Rubber Duck

Sacrilege by Jeremy Deller, Hong Kong
The 20 foot inflatable version of Stonehenge made its debut at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art last year in Hong Kong. Visitors were able to bounce on the inflatable surface and touch the inflatable stone blocks that make up the historic landmark.

Inflatable Stonehenge

Balloon Dog by Paul McCarthy, New York
Paul McCarthy’s giant inflatable balloon dog stole the show at the Frieze Art Fair in New York. It stood 80 feet tall and was modeled after Jeff Koon’s steel balloon animals.

Balloon Dog

Katie Balloons, Washington D.C.
Katie Balloons creates balloon art, does balloon shows, and even makes inflatable clothing. The D.C. native has created some of the most amazing art, entirely out of balloons. In this piece she brings the occupation of a firefighter to life with colorful latex.

Katie Balloons

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