Best Age-Appropriate Inflatables for an Outdoor Party

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These days, you can’t have a party without inflatables. That being said, not all inflatable activities appeal to all ages. Teens scoff at the notion of jumping around in a bounce house, while obstacle courses present too great a challenge, if not physical hazards, to toddlers. If you’re planning a large outdoor party (at least with 50 people present), what are the best and most age-appropriate inflatables?

Toddlers and Children

inflatable slideFor many adults, getting a child to play outdoors is a considerable challenge, and inflatables are a welcome attraction that gets boys and girls of all ages active.

As a general rule, party activities must appeal to a wide group. To get all children involved, consider setting up an inflatable slide – ideally, one that accommodates multiple children at a time – for simple yet fun races, or order a bounce house, also known as a jumper.

In certain instances, inflatables for older children may be too large for toddlers. For this reason, Inflatable 2000 offers toddler-specific activities: often areas where children under the age of 4 can move around and explore in a colorful enclosure while still being visible to their parents.

Teens and Even Adults

inflatable joustingAs you might have witnessed at a party with just a bounce house or a slide, guests 12 years old and up often look bored: Adult conversation is too dull, while the activities for children are just too unchallenging. As such, consider setting up inflatables for your teen and even adult guests.

As a basic rule of inflatables for teens and adults, select a game or activity that gets multiple people (ideally, six to 12) involved and is fun to watch. Using this as a qualifier, the best inflatables for teens and adults tend to be larger obstacle courses, laser tag enclosures, sumo suits with rings, jousting matches, climbing walls, and bungee runs.


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