Inflatable Technology used for Trade Show Exhibits

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Inflatable Display

A global display system company is the first to create trade show exhibit structures using inflatable technology. The technology was just unveiled recently at a launch event at the company’s headquarters in the United States.

Skyline, a display system producer and designer company, has created a new way for companies to advertise themselves at trade shows. Skyline’s WindScape exhibit system is the first system to use inflatable technology for trade show exhibit structures. By using inflatable exhibits, companies can more easily transport, set-up, and take them down.

The line of inflatable exhibits comes with 46 different standard shapes, including small overlays and back wall displays to large hanging structures and 4.8 meter tall towers. There is even a full inflatable conference room that can be used as a display. The idea behind the inflatable advertisements is portability and convenience. One of the full three meter back wall displays is easily transported in a Inflatable Exhibitsingle carry-on case and the displays only take minutes to inflate and deflate.

Skyline knew that it is a major expense for companies to transport and set up exhibits at trade shows. Their WindScape line makes the exhibits easier to transport and reduces installation time, while maintaining both quality and professional style. The inflatable exhibits are inflated by an air pump that is powered by either a rechargeable battery pack or plug that is designed to work all around the world. The structure is built around a fabric frame that contains an inner air tube. When the air tube is inflated, it creates a solid frame. The frame is covered by a wrinkle-free fabric graphic that is customized for each company. The fabric is also removable, allowing for companies to easily change the look of their exhibit.

The WindScape line, while designed for trade shows, has many other applications. They can be used for events, popup stores, outside brick and mortar stores, shopping center displays, media walls, or temporary private spaces like hotel conferences. The unique design, easy transport, set-up, and break down should make the inflatable exhibits very popular with companies looking for advertising.


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