Stay in the World’s First Inflatable Hotel Room!

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Inflatable Hotel Room

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in an inflatable room suspended in the air? Well, if you have this dream and an extra fifty grand laying around, you can! Only for a limited time, a hotel in Denver is offering up a one-night stay package where you can stay in an inflatable room hoisted 22 feet in the air.

You can’t smoke in this room and there is a weight limit of 450 pounds. The room was developed by architect Alex Schweder and is five by seven feet. The luxury see-through room is hoisted above a van by way of a scissor-lift. It was a part of the Biennial of the Americas Festival of Arts in Denver, traveling to different parking lots. The room comes equipped with a chemical toilet, shower, sink, inflatable bed and inflatable roomcouch, and curtains. Shweder said this about his high-price room;

“It’s a very small room, but a very special room. You’re always on the top floor.”

The room is now being offered by the Curtis hotel, who sponsored the piece. They call the aluminum and inflated vinyl room “the hotel rehearsal”. For only $50,000, you get a one-night stay in the most unique hotel room in the world. With the hotel room package you also receive, a diamond pendant and earrings, two iPod Nanos, and a dance party for 100 people in a ballroom of the Curtis hotel. The only thing you won’t find in the inflatable room that every hotel room has, an alcohol stocked mini fridge. No alcohol is allowed in the room, to deter guests from turning it into a bounce house.

Schweder spent two nights himself in the room and made a few design changes. Staff at the Curtis say that at least one person has already inquired about the inflatable hotel room package. The hotel says that most of the money will go towards insurance on the room, but customers will also be supporting the future of the Biennial of the Americas.


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