Check out the World’s Largest Inflatable Waterslide!

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The Trippo

The world’s largest inflatable waterslide is making its first trip outside the United States. The Trippo will be blown up in New Zealand very soon and will remain there until March of next year. So if you are planning a trip to Tekapo Springs before March 2014, make sure you ride the Trippo!

If you have never seen the Trippo, it is 40 feet tall, 175 feet long, and has three separate slides! The Trippo is currently used by three other operators in the USA. It has already been an attraction at Myrtle Beach, where the fees to ride helped pay for the lifeguard services on the beach. The Trippo replaced the Hippo, which was retired due to wear and tear in 2012.

So what does it cost to buy the world’s largest inflatable waterslide? The Trippo comes with a price tag of $90,000. However, it was estimated that it paid for itself after only a few months and brought in around $150,000 in revenue., Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

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