Exxopolis: The Enormous Inflatable Walk-In Structure

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This weekend in downtown Los Angeles, people can visit a giant inflatable structure you have to see to believe. Located in Grand Park, Exxopolis is an enormous inflatable structure that people can walk through. Made up of massive geometric sections, Exxopolis is art and an experience.

Exxopolis isn’t just some giant inflatable bounce house. It is an experience for the senses, with vibrant colors and music surrounding you as you walk through the structure. The designers describe the attraction as a “woninside exxopolisdrous luminarium”. It is a 175 foot long, 95 foot wide maze-like structure with light, colors, and music. It was designed so that people of all ages could enjoy the Exxopolis experience.

Exxopolis was created by Architects of Air, an England based company. The main artist, Alan Parkinson, has been designing these structures he calls luminaria since 1992. The group has traveled to 38 countries to set up their exhibitions that are made of translucent colored plastic. The shapes used for the structures are modeled after Islamic architecture and Gothic cathedrals. Exxopolis is the 20th luminarium that has been created by the Architects of Air. It took six months and 55 people to build it. There are around 9,000 pieces that are joined together by zippers and it takes a full day to set up.

If you want to see Exxopolis for yourself, you can visit the display this weekend from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and then again between September 13-15th.

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