Why Inflatable Injuries are on the Rise

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Overcrowding often leads to injuries

Overcrowding often leads to injuries

According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission injuries from inflatables increased from 1,300 in 1997 to 4,900 in 2005 in the United States. The report also claims that in the US, 30 children are treated for bounce house injuries daily and that the number may in fact be much higher since most incidents are not reported to avoid legal issues.

However, experts in the industry point out that the increase in injuries is mostly due to negligent users of inflatables, not any inherent defect in the products.

Research indicates that majority of injuries caused on inflatables is due to excessive weight loads. When too many children or adults jump on an inflatable bounce house or combo jumper it creates an increase in pressure that often leads to ruptures and in some cases explosions. In July, six children were injured in Idaho when the inflatable they were jumping on ruptured. Again, experts point out that the accidents mostly occur due to negligence on the part of children, parents that are supposed to be watching them or a lack of proper training.

Another factor in the rise of injuries is the rise in popularity of inflatable products. There are more car accidents today than in 1930 for the simple reason that there are more vehicles on the roads. With more inflatable amusements being used across the country at parks and backyard parties the chances of an accident also increases.

Still, those in the inflatable industry stress that these accidents can be avoided with the right training and supervision. Simply setting up a bouncy castle in your backyard and letting a group of children start playing is not a safe way to entertain. Knowing the ins and outs of the product, taking a safety course and supervising the kids while they are on the inflatable can greatly reduce the chance of accidents.


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