Inflatable Car Seat Increases Portability

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inflatable car seat

A woman from the United Kingdom has just secured a major deal with Walmart that will put her inflatable product on the shelves of over 2,000 of its stores. Grainne Kelly designed her inflatable car seat to make traveling with a child easier. Her deal with Walmart comes just after she made a similar deal with Target, the second largest retail chain in the United States.bubblebum

Kelly, a mother of two, came up with the idea for her inflatable car seat called BubbleBum after years of lugging around a bulky booster seat on holidays. Her product is now available in 24 countries and will be in US Walmarts this January.

BubbleBum helps parents by increasing the portability of car seats. Typically, car seats are bulky and expensive. They can be a hassle to carry around on trips and cost a lot to rent. The BubbleBum easily deflates when it isn’t being used so it can be stored away with ease and only costs $40. The BubbleBum is perfect for taxis, rental cars, or just everyday use. It is so portable that when it’s deflated you can store it in the glove compartment to save space.

The BubbleBum is a great invention because it increases safety and portablilty. Your children will never be without their car seat because you can easily bring it anywhere. It’s the perfect product when traveling, but also works great for everyday use.

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