When to set up Holiday Inflatables

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All in good time

Once Halloween is over the countdown begins for the holiday rush. Every year there is big uproar over how soon stores will start setting up Christmas and other holiday season décor and whether or not certain stores will be open on Thanksgiving to get a head start on the infamous Black Friday shopping day. Well, now add holiday inflatables to the list of too much, too soon.

As many people know, some homeowners take great pride in holiday decorating and also consider it friendly competition with the neighbors. From stringing up decorative lights and hanging wreaths to pumping up giant Santa’s and Frost the Snowman’s the race is on for making houses the talk of the town. However, some people find these displays gregarious and when the inflatable holiday scenes start popping up the day after Halloween it can cause some consternation in the community.

While there is no set rule or even unwritten standard for when it is the right time to start displaying holiday décor some people take it upon themselves to either be the first one setting up or the first to complain it’s way too soon.

If you are planning on getting your holiday inflatables up early this year keep in mind it costs you extra in electricity when you have lights on every night and the longer inflatables are left out the more susceptible they are to weather related damage.

We’re not ones to set rules but a good idea is to wait until December 1st to set up holiday décor and to avoid a scene out of Christmas Vacation, keep the decorations within reason.


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