Bonsoir Paris Creates Pop-Up Design for Selfridge’s Bright Young Things Initiative

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Bright Young Things from behanceFrench design studio Bonsoir Paris has created a pop-up design for London’s high-end Selfridge’s concept store as part of the Bright Young Things Initiative. The design combines inflatable features with marble fixtures inspired by 1960s design to create a retro-futuristic space and to contrast luxury and pop culture.

Bonsoir Paris was founded by Remy Clemente and Morgan Maccari and uses non-standard conceptual design projects that combine ideas from both modern and traditional French creators and craftsmen. Their creations challenge usual boundaries and conventions and combine logic and the absurd. Their art and design use combinations of materials that are generally not used together.

The inflatable plastic at Selfridge’s is meant to make people think of a childhood world, while the marble indicates values of luxury and timelessness, in contrast with the transparent plastic. The paradoxical properties create a retro-futuristic aesthetic that combines luxury and pop culture. The design reflects the minimalistic and metaphorical nature of much of Bonsoir Paris’ work.

The Bright Young Things Initiative is Selfridge’s annual effort to highlight the work of some of the United Kingdom’s most promising rising stars in the realms of fashion, art, design, and food. This year’s competition is the third, highlighting 15 up-and-coming talents. The store provides the designers with spaces to display their creations for public viewing and engagement.

Selfridge’s is a British high-end chain that sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing; shoes; accessories; and technological items. It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge, with its flagship store in London opening in 1909.


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