Lindstrand Technologies Offers Hi Flyer Balloon for Rides and Advertising

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Hi FlyerThe Hi Flyer, Lindstrand Technologies‘ tethered helium balloon, allows people to view the world from above while providing companies with a way to advertise themselves and their products to the masses.

Certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Hi Flyer can carry up to 30 passengers at a time, normally for 15 minutes. It can also be used for promoting businesses at public and corporate events. Advertising can be applied to the envelope by painting, self-adhesive film, digital printing, or banners.

The envelope is made from material with a very low helium permeation rate. It has a volume of 6,000 cubic meters and lasts at least six years. It is lit up at night by three bulbs, so advertising can be seen 24 hours a day.

The gondola is made from aircraft-quality stainless steel to ensure a long life. It is shaped like a donut with a lift cable in the middle to keep it horizontal.

The winch weighs about 10 tonnes (22,000 pounds) and requires minimal maintenance. It has a 200-meter (600-foot) tether cable with a long life, and its optimal flight height is 120 meters (360 feet). Lindstrand Technologies provides installation and crew training for the Hi Flyer.

Lindstrand Technologies has designed, manufactured, and installed Hi Flyers for over 30 years at over 48 locations in countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The Hi Flyer is one of the company’s most popular products.


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