Couple Turn Their Home into an Inflatable Winter Wonderland

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from Daily MailJim and Carol Cooper from West Moseley, Surrey, England have transformed their home into a winter wonderland every Christmas for the past 10 years. They decorate their house with over 40 sets of lights and 15 inflatable figures, including several Santa Clauses, reindeer, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, a merry-go-round with elves swinging from candy canes, and a snowman that jumps out of an igloo, as well as a snow machine.

They say both children and adults love the annual display, with many stopping by to see it every day from the time they put it up in early December until they take it down at the beginning of January. It takes them three days to put the together the winter wonderland.

The Coopers have spent thousands of dollars on the display over the years. The inflatables use fans to stay upright and are turned on every day at 9 a.m. The lights come on at 4 p.m. The Coopers don’t know how much the electricity for the fans and lights costs because they pay a fixed amount every month.

They began decorating their home at the urging of their daughter, and the display has grown every year. Seven years ago, they decided to go all-out for Christmas. They buy more inflatables every year and rearrange them to make the display look different from year to year.

After the holiday display was vandalized several years ago, the Coopers installed closed-circuit television to prevent further destruction. Now they watch people from inside the house and turn on the snow machine when unsuspecting viewers get close to the inflatables.

This year, the Coopers are collecting donations to benefit a local school for children with learning disabilities.


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