Inflatable Life Box Shelters Help Natural Disaster Victims

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life box 1Life Box is an inflatable rapid-response disaster recovery box that can be used to help victims of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, who are in need of emergency shelter and supplies.

Life Box is a foldable polyethylene box containing two cardboard boxes with relief supplies such as food, water, and sleeping bags. An inflatable double-layer shelter is attached to the inside of Life Box. When it is unfolded, Life Box becomes the floor of the emergency shelter. The polyethylene foam is a shock absorber that also provides comfort for disaster victims and insulation for the shelter.

life box 2Life Boxes are available in three designs based on the type of natural disaster affecting the area. One version is for disaster areas that can only be reached by air and features an outer layer that can be used as a parachute. Another Life Box is designed for disaster areas that can be accessed by land and includes an outer layer of the shelter inside the box. The third Life Box is used in flooded areas and can function on both land and water. Two inflatable rings around the shelter enable it to float.

Life Box comes with easy-to-follow graphic instructions similar to those included with life vests. The inflatable structures can be set up in under a minute. Multiple Life Box shelters can be combined to provide shelter for families. Life Boxes can also be used to provide housing or can serve as temporary hospitals or offices during natural disaster recovery efforts.


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