Inflatable Mall Exhibit Will Teach Visitors about the Heart

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mega heart xlIn honor of Heart Month, an inflatable replica of a human heart will be on display at the Ashland Town Center Mall in Ashland, Kentucky, to educate the public about cardiac issues.

Mega Heart XL is a 25-foot, scientifically accurate inflatable replica of a human heart. The inflatable heart will be on display on February 14 and 15. The exhibit is sponsored by King’s Daughters Medical Center.

Visitors can walk through the inflatable heart. It is intended to be an interactive, educational experience that will help the public learn about the heart, its function, and heart-related problems and conditions.

Employees from King’s Daughters Heart and Vascular Center will offer information about heart disease and answer visitors’ questions. Guest speakers are also scheduled to share their expertise. A cardiothoracic surgeon will discuss recent advances in heart surgery, and a cardiac nurse practitioner will share information about atrial fibrillation, a common disturbance in the heart’s rhythm.

Mega Heart XL is designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, from children through adults. Visitors enter the exhibit through the superior vena cava, the heart’s largest vein, and exit through the aorta, the largest artery that transports blood to the rest of the body. The Mega Heart exhibit also includes other features of the heart, such as valves and coronary arteries, and information about diseases and disorders, such as endocarditis infection, ventricular septal defect, mitral valve prolapse, thrombus, myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass graft, and coronary stents.


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