Sydney’s Darling Harbour Launches New Inflatable Brand Identity

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Darling HarbourDarling Harbour in Sydney, Australia is being given a new look with an “inflatable brand identity.” The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority wanted to create “extraordinary places the world talks about” by uniting the precinct and its series of annual cultural events under one easily recognizable and interactive brand to broaden their appeal.

The new brand is intended to appeal to people in a variety of ways. It employs communications, street furniture, way-finding, uniforms, and websites to create a unique and interactive experience for the public. It is a way to engage the public in the area’s array of annual entertainment events, including Fiesta, a Latin American music, dance, food, and culture festival; Hoopla, Australia’s yearly circus, sideshow, and street theater festival; and Santafest, an annual Christmas party.

Inflatable displays decorate the harbor, gates, and lamp posts with bright and colorful figures and words designed to attract attention and entertain the public. Interbrand Australia, the team behind the inflatable brand, also created an augmented reality app that enables users to play games, follow balloons to discover new sights, pop balloons to receive special offers, and send balloon messages to other users around the world.

The brand’s developers conducted an in-depth analysis and research to develop the branding strategy. The inflatable brand is designed to give Darling Harbour a new identity and a way to educate and engage locals and visitors from around the world throughout the year. It is designed to operate in a cohesive way and present a unified message about the area and all that it has to offer.


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