Inflatable Tentacles Draw Visitors to Arts Center

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inflatableThe Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley, Pennsylvania is using 30-foot inflatable green tentacles on the roof of the building to draw visitors inside.

The center is displaying a Wild Things collection and hosting a series of events that began on April 4 and will continue through June 21. The inflatable tentacles are part of a public art installation created by British street artist Filthy Luker. They are intended to entice the public to visit the center and learn about its artistic exhibits and variety of events and programs, including art classes, summer camps, and other activities with a Wild Things theme.

The Wild Things art collection is about wild animals, wild colors, wild urges, and movement. It is a juried art exhibit with submissions from artists across the country. The exhibit includes the work of many local artists as young as 13. It is free and open to the public.

The exhibit features work with various interpretations of the word “wild.” Many of the displays include depictions of animals or real animals. One exhibit features handmade paper locusts, and another contains a movable bird fashioned out of San Pellegrino labels. One exhibit includes live horseshoe crabs, while another includes antlers.

The Wild Things campaign also features events such as the Wild Things Family Day on June 7, which will offer “wild and crazy” activities for children and their parents. The day is a collaboration with local non-profit organizations to offer family workshops.

The Sweetwater Center for the Arts also offers art classes, outreach programs, and a variety of public events throughout the year.


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