Zero Shock Impact Prevention System Provides Safe Landings

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Zero ShockZero Shock inflatable safety bags can withstand impacts to protect people from falls. They are an ideal solution for amusement parks, extreme sports, civilian rescues, and commercial building uses.

Zero Shock air bags are relatively small because the “fingers” act as shock absorbers. This makes them a good choice for places where a foam pit would normally be used, such as a gymnastics practice or competition area.

If you need an unusual shape that goes around obstacles or terrain, a Zero Shock inflatable bag can be customized to match your needs. The surface of the bag can undulate to take on any shape. People can safely land on any part of the bag, even the edge, without bounding off.

The pressure in the Zero Shock bag can be controlled to create a soft or firm landing. This makes it well suited for activities such as gymnastics or extreme sports.

A Zero Shock air bag can reset itself instantly since only a small amount of air is expelled by the “fingers” below the impact area. Because it resets immediately, a second person can land on the inflatable bag while the first person is still on it. This will not have any effect on the quality of the landing or cause either person to bounce off the bag. People can safely land as close as 24 inches apart.

The Zero Shock Impact Prevention System’s unique and customizable inflatable design can keep people safe in a variety of circumstances. If you need to ensure safety for visitors to an amusement park, participants in extreme sports, or victims in civilian rescues, it could be the perfect solution.


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