Artist Designs Inflatable Anda Armchair

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Anda inflatable armchairArtist Tehila Guy created the inflatable Anda armchair for her final project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

The clear inflatable body of the Anda armchair is supported by four wooden rods that form a base. The air-filled part presses on the wooden rods and holds the components together, and the rods form a foundation that prevents the inflatable seat and back from collapsing. This design gives the chair strength and also makes it easy to transport, assemble, and maintain and keeps the cost low.

The biggest challenge in designing the Anda armchair was to figure out the right relationship between the inflatable body and the wooden rods that make up the base. She decided to make the seat from transparent material so that the rods would be completely visible, which made the qualities of each of the components essential parts of the design.

Guy wanted to create a flat-pack piece of furniture as a way to use fewer materials and help to protect the environment. She studied flat-pack furniture and was fascinated by the repetitive patterns, materials used, assembly methods, and appearance of the pieces. Guy wanted to design furniture that was different and would stand out in a market that was fairly saturated. She chose to create an armchair, which was a challenge since they are rarely flat-packed.

Guy needed to work with different materials and methods than those that are generally used with flat-pack furniture in order to reduce the amount of space required for packing and make the armchair large enough and comfortable. To do that, she researched inflatable furniture, which was popular in the 1960s.


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