Zero Shock to Be Displayed at Trampoline Conference

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IATP conferenceThe International Association of Trampoline Parks will hold its second annual conference and trade show from October 14 to 16 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The IATP conference and trade show is the only event of its kind. It offers an opportunity for business owners to share information and network with others in the trampoline park industry.

The conference includes educational sessions, an introduction to the industry for people who are new to the field, an annual business meeting, an awards banquet and keynote presentation, a trade show, networking opportunities, and certification exams.

The conference can be beneficial to owners, operators, and managers of indoor trampoline parks; entrepreneurs who are considering entering the industry; and owners of entertainment centers who would like to add trampolines to their businesses.

Zero Shock will have its products on display at the IATP conference and trade show. Zero Shock’s impact prevention system protects people from falls better than other systems. Many inflatable bags cause people to bounce back up into the air after they land, but Zero Shock is different. Its impact safety platforms cradle the impact to provide a soft landing and keep the person safe.

The Zero Shock system is the ideal choice to provide protection for amusement park rides, extreme sports, civil rescue, and commercial building. Zero Shock’s inflatable air bags are versatile and can absorb impacts from multiple people landing at the same time. After one person climbs off, the bag resets automatically so that another can jump.

Zero Shock air bags can be created in any size, and the top of the bag can undulate to make any shape. Any part of the bag is safe for landing. The pressure inside the bag can be regulated to make it as soft or firm as necessary to provide a safe landing. Since the “fingers” act as shock absorbers, Zero Shock air bags can be smaller in height and footprint than the foam pits that are used for activities such as gymnastics.


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