Best Age-Appropriate Inflatables for an Outdoor Party

These days, you can’t have a party without inflatables. That being said, not all inflatable activities appeal to all ages. Teens scoff at the notion of jumping around in a bounce house, while obstacle courses present too great a challenge, if not physical hazards, to toddlers. If you’re planning a large outdoor party (at least with 50 people present), what are the best and most age-appropriate inflatables?

Toddlers and Children

inflatable slideFor many adults, getting a child to play outdoors is a considerable challenge, and inflatables are a welcome attraction that gets boys and girls of all ages active.

As a general rule, party activities must appeal to a wide group. To get all children involved, consider setting up an inflatable slide – ideally, one that accommodates multiple children at a time – for simple yet fun races, or order a bounce house, also known as a jumper.

In certain instances, inflatables for older children may be too large for toddlers. For this reason, Inflatable 2000 offers toddler-specific activities: often areas where children under the age of 4 can move around and explore in a colorful enclosure while still being visible to their parents.

Teens and Even Adults

inflatable joustingAs you might have witnessed at a party with just a bounce house or a slide, guests 12 years old and up often look bored: Adult conversation is too dull, while the activities for children are just too unchallenging. As such, consider setting up inflatables for your teen and even adult guests.

As a basic rule of inflatables for teens and adults, select a game or activity that gets multiple people (ideally, six to 12) involved and is fun to watch. Using this as a qualifier, the best inflatables for teens and adults tend to be larger obstacle courses, laser tag enclosures, sumo suits with rings, jousting matches, climbing walls, and bungee runs.

The American Inflatable Road Show in Austin, Texas

The American Inflatable Road Show

The American Inflatable Road Show will be in Austin, Texas from April 24th to the 25th. It is a trade show designed specifically for companies in the inflatable product industry. The leading inflatable companies will be at the AIR show to show off their inflatable slides, bounce houses, and promotional products.

The American Inflatable Alliance sponsors the AIR show and was started in 2012. It is the only trade show dedicated entirely to inflatables and the inflatable industry. Visitors will be able to see the most creative inflatables that companies from around the country have to offer. There will be many inflatable products that people can try first hand to understand the excitement they offer.

The country’s biggest inflatable companies, like Inflatable 2000, will be on hand in Austin for the show. Inflatable 2000Inflatable 2000 is the world’s leading source for amusement inflatables, promotional inflatables, tents, banners, and more. The inflatable company has worked with many large companies and organizations such as NASA, Disney, and 20th Century Fox Films to create custom designed inflatable products. Inflatable 2000 also works with many smaller businesses to create custom inflatable products that they can use to effectively brand their services or products to their target audience.

The American Inflatable Road Show was created to bring a series of regional shows to various cities across the country. The AIR Show in Austin will feature the leaders in the inflatable industry and is designed specifically for those in the market for inflatable products. There will be a wide variety of businesses that use inflatable products at the show, including event companies, backyard rental companies, and anyone company that features inflatable play structures.

The AIR Show will be held at the Austin, Texas Convention Center and there will also be educational seminars, exhibits, and safety training. Doors will be open to the public on Wednesday, April 24th at 8:30 am. The show will close on Thursday, April 25th at 3:00 pm.

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