Inflatable Tent makes Camping Easier

Kelty Mach 4 Inflatable Tent

What is the most stressful part of camping? Trying to set up the tent! It can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to figure out how to make a sturdy tent out of thin metal poles. Struggling to set up the tent when you arrive can easily put you in a bad mood. One company has figured out a way to take the stress out of tent set up and take down by incorporating inflatable poles.

The Kelty Mach 4 Air-Pitch Inflatable Tent is an interesting solution to this age old problem. While it is not perfect yet, it does throw a curveball to campers who are fed up with struggling to set up traditional tents. While it weighs more than a traditional tent, the Mach 4 has fewer Inflatable Tentpieces, is quickly assembled and taken down, and has lots of square footage.

The company claims that the inflatable tent can be pumped up fully in under a minute with their high volume, dual-action floor pump. Two separate inlets must be pumped up, but it does create a solid structure. Before inflation, the tent does need to be staked down. In an overnight test, the tent did not seem to lose any air pressure so re-inflation was not necessary.

For inclement conditions, the Mach 4 is made with a UV-resistant polyester rainfly with seams that are nicely taped. There are optional features available too. There are noiseless zippers, internal storage pockets, and upper and lower vents for increased ventilation. There is also a six person model and optional footprint.

The Mach 4 is definitely an innovative inflatable and camping product. The ease of assembly will make it a favorite with the casual camper. For around $400 you could take the Mach 4 with you on your next camping trip!

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Inflatable Concrete Tent Developed in Britain

Inflatable Concrete Shelter

Technology for shelters in the event of a natural disaster or crisis has seen strides recently. Many companies are creating shelters and tools to help provide people affected by disasters an easy set-up shelter or survival kit. One pioneering British firm has created an inflatable tent that turns into concrete by just adding water.

You might think this is too good be true. “Just add water” seems like an infomercial line that is used to sell a product to the masses. However, the Concrete Canvas Shelter is the real deal and can be erected by just two people in less than an hour. In less than one day the structure will turn from inflatable dwelling to a full concrete structure.

The Concrete Canvas Shelter begins inside of waterproof plastic sheeting for easy transportation. First, water must be pumped into the unit to start the process. The concrete cloth inside is made up of fibers which evenly absorb water until all of the cloth is saturated. Once the unit is filled up without about 800 to 1,000 liters of water, there is about a five hour window to erect the structure before the concrete sets. The waterproof plastic is removed and a inflation device is used to blow air inside of the unit. The cloth must be completely dragged out before it is completely inflated for proper set-up. Then you just wait and watch as the structure inflates to its full size of 50 square meters. A day later the concrete structure is ready to use.

The speed of which this technology can be used may allow for huge improvements in how
the world reacts to humanitarian crisis. A concrete canvas building has great thermal properties, so whatever is kept inside can be kept cool or warm, and can provide a sterile environment for surgery. The tent was first created with military use in mind, but will be a great help in natural disaster situations.

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