Inflatables are Perfect for Independence Day Parties

Bounce House

It is almost July 4th and there will be tons of parties going on. If you are hosting a party of your own, adding an inflatable will take your event to another level. Whether it’s a bounce house to keep the kids busy or a giant obstacle course for the adults, Inflatable 2000 has the blow up that will increase the fun at any party.Toddlers

If you want to keep the little ones busy and happy at your Independence Day party, Inflatable 2000 carries many inflatables designed for kids. Bounce houses provide hours of fun and give kids a great workout. If you want something for very young children, there are interactive blow ups that are great for toddlers. They will have a blast climbing, bouncing, sliding, and exploring the inflatable environment. We carry so many different themes like princess, trains, and jungle that there is something to keep every child interested.

Having a real big party with a lot of older kids and adults? Inflatable obstacle courses are perfect for entertaining an older crowd. At Inflatable 2000 we carry a variety of different Inflatable Obstacle Courseobstacle courses. They all have several different elements to them and will have the whole party racing to get through them first. You will have to climb, crawl, slide, and run your way to the finish line. Another big crowd pleaser are our inflatable interactive products. Inflatable basketball hoops, boxing rings, bowling alleys, and rock climbing walls from Inflatable 2000 will add to the fun and excitement of your party.

If you are going to have guests of all ages, you can’t go wrong with an inflatable slide. We carry tons of different types of slides that are great for everyone. Check out our website to see all of the fun inflatable products that we have to offer. After having one of our inflatables at your Independence Day party, people will be talking about it until next year. Make your party the talk of the town by purchasing an inflatable from Inflatable 2000.

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Army Captain and His Wife Start Inflatable Playground

Jump N Jack's

Army Captain Uche Njoku is constantly being sent to training or deployed overseas for his job in the military. With the nature of job taking him away from home so often, Njoku’s wife, Tahiana, is left to entertain her two children by herself for months out of the year.

Tahiana would have the most trouble finding things to keep her children entertained in the winter time. She and her husband have two children, Xavier, 9, and Jisella, 5. Njoku was stationed in Iraq in January 2011, and due to the harsh Colorado winter weather, the schools were closed for a week. Tahiana was stuck inside theInflatable Playgroundir 2,000 square foot home during that week and were beginning to experience cabin fever. Tahiana’s frustration with the lack of active entertainment options in her area would give her a great idea. The Njoku family, with the help of a cousin, opened up Jump-N-Jack’s at the Citadel Crossing shopping center soon after.

Jump-N-Jack’s is located inside of a 17,500 square foot building and offers an abundance of inflatable play areas. The children can run, jump, climb, and slide on all of the different inflatable playgrounds. The kids have a great time on all of the brightly-colored and themed inflatables while burning some energy. It is great for the kids physically and is a better alternative than sitting home and keeping them busy with video games.

At first, the family considered a franchise, but ultimately they decided on starting their own business. In all, they invested around $250,000 to open their indoor inflatable playground. After starting with an initial investment of $150,000 from their savings, they took out a loan for the rest. After eight months of searching for the perfect building and location, Jump-N-Jack’s was opened.Kids' Inflatables

The playground features a 65-foot long obstacle course that proves to be a fan favorite. Jump-N-Jack’s also has several inflatable slides, jump houses, and other attractions. There is a separate play area for toddlers and another spot with Wi-Fi and televisions for parents who want to work or relax. The Jack’s café offers up pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other items for when the little ones get hungry.

Other similar businesses in the area have failed, while some have strived. The family believes that the size of their play area and the low prices will attract more customers. Children can spend the whole day bouncing and sliding for only $8.99.