Effective Promotional Advertising

Getting a message out about a product or service is paramount to having a successful business. While not everyone will agree on how best to go about marketing or advertising a service or product there is no doubt that the more people see a particular brand or company the more likely they are to remember that name when buying time comes. However, there is a fine line between mass media and niche marketing and finding your place in the promotional advertising field takes knowing your business, the market and how best to reach the people who will use your product or service. 

Promotional advertising, through blimps, balloons, party rental jumpers and other inflatable products, is one way to effectively market your business to a wide variety of people. Usually used at carnivals, trade shows, conventions and outdoor festivals these inflatable advertising vehicles are available in a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes including large cartoon characters, custom designed logos and mascots, product replicas and a host of other popular designs. When you make your brand part of something fun and in some cases interactive and engaging you take some of the hard sell off the marketing campaign and give your business a softer, more human side that people respect and value. 

The trick to being effective with promotional advertising is to get your message out in a subtle but clear way that doesn’t seem pushy or aggressive. Studies indicate people are more likely NOT to buy a product if they feel it has been pushed on them. Pop-up ads, blaring radio commercials and aggravating promotions full of flyers, handouts and hordes of street teams can be a big turn-off for a large segment of the buying public so you want to make sure your campaign does not blow up in your face with an overexposure backlash.

Influence of Inflatable Products

How effective different methods of advertising are is always a tough measure. From television commercials and direct mail to PPC and coupon codes there are plenty of ways to advertise and of course a number of ways to measure the effectiveness of such ads. Another thing to consider when judging the success of a campaign is to note the influence of a particular vehicle used to market a product. Direct mail and promotional flyers can reach a lot of people but rarely do these cards have lasting impact with the recipient. Think about what you remember when considering buying a product and chances are the things you buy are because of the influence a particular advertising or marketing campaign had on you.

 Influence is achieved in many ways. A slogan or logo may appeal to a certain demographic and be a big hit with pop culture. A quirky or unusual video can have a rocket rise on Youtube and become an “Internet sensation”. Or you can simply have a clever and catchy promotional vehicle such as an inflatable blimp or blow up product replica that grabs the attention of people passing by and stays with them for awhile.

 With large inflatable balloons, blimps, product replicas, tents and cartoon character spokespeople you can add a bit of humor and a lot of color to your main advertising vehicle. These large inflatable advertising products are great for trade shows, conventions, outdoor festivals, road sides, store openings and other events that will attract a wide, large and diverse audience. Having your brand or company logo hovering over any crowded outdoor event is always a bonus and tends to be remembered long after the event has closes.

Using Helium Blimps for Promotional Marketing

When it comes to outdoor and indoor inflatable products such as blimps and parade balloons there are a number of materials you can choose for the blimp and ways to power it. One popular option is to use PVC fabric and helium to produce a well-designed, sturdy and attractive vehicle to market your products or advertise your services. Available in several sizes with an unlimited number of custom design options including company slogans, logos and graphics helium blimps may be your best bet for floating the message you want everyone to see. 

Helium blimps use specially manufactured material that is made from polyvinylchloride fabric that is designed to hold helium perfectly and also has the advantage of being 18-mil thick for extra strength. All helium PVC blimps feature a UV inhibitor to protect the fabric and paint from intense sunlight when in flight. Ideal for outdoor use the PVC helium blimps provide a safe and sturdy helium powered balloon that will hover over parades, fair grounds and festivals with your logo or slogan in full view of everyone. 

Another feature to using helium blimps is that the paint used on the fabric is a specially manufactured urethane paint that is flexible and over time becomes part of the balloon rather than scaling off in pieces. Unlike stickers the specially formulated paint won’t peel or wrinkle during flight or when in storage so your blimp looks as good on its 10th flight as it did on the first. Accessorize any size helium blimp with custom tail fins available in a great selection of 27 different colors. With a 125’ tether line and harness ropes you’ve got everything you’ll need to create enough buzz with your helium blimp to make it an effective marketing tool.

Obstacle Courses for Corporate Team Building

Corporations and large companies are always looking for ways to improve team morale and instill a level of enthusiasm among their employees. A good way of doing this is to let natural frustration have a safe and fun outlet where workers can vent pent-up aggression with co-workers and even upper management in safe, entertaining and competitive obstacle course games and interactive contests. Unlike paintball and whitewater rafting there is almost no real danger with an inflatable obstacle course and you can even add in water attractions and specific themes to match a corporate summer outing.

 A common gripe among employees is that though they can voice their opinions about certain departments and managers it’s about all they get out. Business goes on as usual and that’s life. But when you get the whole company outside for a corporate outing and have a full inflatable obstacle course set up featuring contests of coordination, skill and sometimes downright ruthless behavior (all on soft cushioned mats) the chance for employees to get out their frustrations with work is healthy, fun and always entertaining. Many companies like to pit certain departments against one another for the specific purpose of building a solid team and watching it use teamwork to achieve a universal goal. These aren’t just games but rather valuable lessons about the people you work with.

 Today inflatable obstacle courses come in a wide variety of themes with many added features including water slides, rock climbs and jousting. You can also find a great number of inflatable sports theme bounce houses that feature multiple skill competitions such as basketball shooting and football throwing combined with other fun obstacle course challenges.

Cool Party Bounce Houses

Keeping kids entertained is never easy. And when a child’s birthday party comes around it can get downright ugly trying to appease a group of toddlers and young kids. One way to keep children occupied and entertained is to use inflatable party rental bounce houses in cool and popular themes that will take the pressure off the parents for at least a few hours. Kids can and usually will create their own fun if given the right environment and inflatable bounce houses are the perfect arena for letting a group of young kids bang, jump, flop, twist, twirl and slide to their hearts content.

 Playgrounds and swing sets have built in dangers that need constant adult supervision and pools have the same safety concerns. Pretty much every outdoor activity you can use with kids has some degree of danger but one that is almost harmless is cushioned inflatable bounce houses. Blown up to a safe degree of inflation these rugged playhouses feature a number of obstacles, slides, bounce areas and safety nets to ensure long-lasting outdoor summer entertainment. And the best part for parents is they won’t have to eagle eye the party area since the only place kids are falling is on soft and bouncy air. 

A great way to be sure your party rental bounce house does the job of holding the attention of kids is to pick themes and colors you know your kids and his friends are into. From toddler Mickey Mouse themes on up to young kid Ninja Turtles and Pirates of the Caribbean lay outs when you match a child’s interest with the theme of the bounce house all you need to do is inflate the jumper and let the kids do the rest as the environment will provide all the inspiration they need to create games all day long.

Inflatable Jumpers & Toddler Fun

Stuck for a party idea when toddlers are the guests of honor? It’s not easy throwing a birthday party or other celebration with very young kids around due to the hazards that accompany many common outdoor activities such as swimming pools, swing sets and jungle gyms. One way to ensure a safe, fun and good time is had by all is to rent inflatable jumpers and obstacle courses that are by design much safer than almost any other outdoor entertainment product for children. 

Luckily the inflatable manufacturers know how useful a jumper can be for toddlers so a wide variety of inflatable jumpers have been created in different themes including sports, pirate ships, racing courses, giant airplanes, castles zoos and many other popular kids games. With kid friendly themes, safe air-filled cushions on the ground and walls and safety netting across all open spaces inflatable jumpers are perfect for toddlers who spend a lot of time falling down. Now, though, they just bounce right back up and continue on with the fun. 

With playgrounds, obstacle courses and race challenges toddlers of all ages will be entertained for hours at an outdoor party, street festival, community carnival or any other place where children will be playing. These fun and interactive bounce houses are great entertainment centers for children since the air cushioned boundaries prevent injuries and keep kids occupied for hours on end.

Versatile Pop Up & Inflatable Tents

For trade shows, conventions, fair grounds and carnivals an inflatable pop-up tent is a great idea for storing products, setting up an information booth or for offering refreshments. Having a well marked space with a full canopy cover gives you room to organize your company’s products, marketing materials and brochures as well as set up fun interactive games, a consultation area regarding your business and what you do as well as setting aside room for a grill or cooler to offer refreshments and food on a hot summer day. 

Tents are just a good product to have around no matter what business you are in. At some point in your career you’ll most likely have to attend a trade show or exhibit, sponsor a cook-out or summer charity event and set up a booth at a convention and with a well-made, rugged inflatable tent you can draw attention to your business and have a convenient place to run promotions, hand out marketing materials and even set up contests and games for visitors to play.

 With a pop up inflatable tent you can custom design the exterior to reflect your company logo or slogan as well as add specific colors and graphics that will make the tent stand out among a crowd of trailers and booths. Simple to set up and easy to take down and store an inflatable tent is a very useful tool for businesses that have to self-promote to succeed. Great for indoor and outdoor uses inflatable pop up tents give your business a prepared and professional look no matter where you are and of course with a protective roof all your products and materials are safe should foul weather blow in.

Starting Your Own Jumper Rental Business

Ranked among the Top 10 business ventures in the United States the party rental business is a great way to turn your entrepreneurial skills into profits. From parties and carnivals to outdoor festivals and trade shows there is no limit to events that need fun and engaging party rental jumpers, obstacle courses and tents to provide shade, storage, fun and entertainment. Great for part-time work and also full-time employment the party rental business can be as busy as you want and allow you to grow the business at your leisure so you are comfortable taking on larger clients and events. 

Like any business getting started is all about who you know. Luckily several full-service inflatable product manufacturers offer consultations, resources and information that will help you launch your own party rental business. Having years of experience and on-hand experts this is the best place to get your feet wet before diving in to your own business. Another wise idea would be to work for an inflatable product manufacturer for a period of time before starting at on your own and some places offer unpaid training to get you acclimated with the nuances of the inflatable market and business. 

Even during this recession the party rental business has continued to grow and there are no signs of it stopping. From major corporations looking for games and rides at the next outing to local businesses that need product replicas and promotional banners the market for inflatable products is always booming and with the right attitude and work ethic you can make running a party rental business a lucrative and fun career.

Investing in Company Banners

Many times a company will be invited to a trade show or business expo and realize they have nothing to promote themselves. In a rush some flyers are put together, a folding table is found and maybe a chair or two can be managed but more often than not the business is left standing around watching how well others had prepared for the event. Ata time like this all you really need is a banner with your company’s name, logo and slogan to stake out your territory on the trade show floor. 

When contemplating a large banner or promotional banner look at it as an investment in your business marketing and promotion. Oftentimes businesses are called at the last minute to be told a booth is open at a business expo or there is room left on a promotional display scaffold at a fair only to realize they don’t have any marketing products big enough to use up the space. A good way to be prepared for such situations and to be ready for annual trade shows and conventions is to invest in high quality, vinyl banners that will feature clear graphics with your company name, contact info, logo and slogan. 

Having a banner on hand is great for those last minute events that have a cancellation and need to fill space and to be prepared for indoor and outdoor conventions where a well placed banner can get you more attention than just having flyers or business cards on a table. You can place banners over doors, crowded overpasses, on display tents, canopies, the sides of cars and trucks and other strategic places at a trade show. Unlike difficult and complicated expo set-ups that involve air pumps, wireless networks, power surges and miles of cable a simple well designed vinyl banner is enough to make your presence known at trade shows and outdoor exhibits.