Calabasas Pumpkin Festival, Southern California

I think I’ve made it clear that rides, inflatables and other amusement related activities are totally awesome in this blog. If you disagree, I will tell you again: inflatables and rides are awesome. Now we can move on. My love of these things causes me to look for fairs that celebrate the harvest season, with themes about Halloween, apples and pumpkins. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go to these types of events because they have rides, inflatables and really delicious food (made from apples and pumpkins!).

One such festival is the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival, which is coming up on October 16th and 17th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. This festival, an annual tradition in Southern California events, is set up at the Juan Bautista de Anza Park on 3701 Lost Hills Road, right off of the 101 Freeway. The major focus of this festival is (what else?) pumpkins in all shapes and forms: there’s a pumpkin patch, pumpkin foods, pumpkin beer for dad, pumpkin crafts, a professional pumpkin carver and baked pumpkin goods. Is there anything better in the fall?

Also included in the price of admission are the rides and games that your kids can handle. There’s a free fun carnival zone for games and a plethora of rides for you and your kids to enjoy, from inflatable rides and obstacle courses, to a giant slide and musical swings! There are also bands playing all weekend and contests for all to participate in:

– Kid’s and Adult’s Pie Eating Contest
– Mummy Wrap Contest
– Seed Spitting Contest

Finally, if you’re a car aficionado, check out the lineup of classic cars and cars from Hollywood movies. You can bet I will be there!

Inflatable 2000 at IAAPA Conference

Inflatables are an extremely fun and exiting amusement to have at any gathering, party or event that you may have. This party can be for adults and/or children because even though we all know that kids are the primary users of bouncy houses and castles, adults have a great time playing on those structures as well. So it would stand to reason that the world of inflatables is a diverse universe filled with all different kinds of entertainment.

One of the leaders in this market for party rentals is Inflatable 2000, an online supplier of inflatable structures for private parties as well as business conferences and fairs. Inflatable 2000 is a great source for all of your amusement needs, particularly when it comes to any variety of inflatable products including jumpers, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, blimps, balloons and a whole variety of other products that are fun and can promote your business.

Inflatable 2000 carries a number of different products that can be personalized for any event, but especially for companies that need to further brand their product or company name. Customization is one of the biggest things that can move your business model along – by putting a banner featuring your company name on a bouncy house or castle, you can get plenty of exposure to both children and parents alike. Combining the allure of inflatable novelties and advertising can be a potent mixture that is difficult to match with any other form of promotion.

Inflatable 2000 will be at this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference, which is being held in Orlando from November 15th through the 19th of the month. There will be 9 miles of exhibitors showing off their products and services that pertain to the art of amusing people. The IAAPA conference is a perfect venue for your company to showcase its goods while making connections in a very specialized industry.

IAAPA & Inflatable 2000

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy the idea of an amusement park. Even if you don’t absolutely love heights and the thrill of being dropped hundreds of feet, there is always something for everyone to do at a theme park. Whether you like eating fried Oreos or flying through the air at 85 miles an hour, you will find some kind of attraction to take your mind off your troubles for some time.

When thinking about how popular parks are, I wasn’t too surprised to hear about the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), a group that, according to their website, “envision[s] a professional association regarded as an indispensable resource for our members and an international authority for our industry.”

Every year the IAAPA has an expo that brings together companies that provide products and services that bring the best in the world of amusement to one place. All kinds of different businesses will be there, like theme parks, family entertainment centers, small amusement parks, bowling alleys, hotels, casinos and many more representatives from the industry. Featuring nine miles worth of exhibitors, the ideas that you will find for your business will be close to unlimited.

The information about preparation, execution, competition and revenue generation will be an indispensable aid to your personal amusement business. The amount of inter-industry connections to make at this year’s expo can be an open avenue for your business to move into areas of attractions that you may not have thought of before.

One of the exhibitors at this year’s IAPPA is a leader in inflatable rentals nationwide – Inflatable 2000. Inflatable 2000 is a number one source for inflatable rentals and promotional advertising products that range from customized kiosks to totally awesome bounce castles and water slides. The products from Inflatable 2000 are available for rental and purchase, depending on your needs.

Inflatables IN SPACE!

After last week’s depressing and somewhat dismal post, I return to this blog with a more uplifting look at the surprising world of inflatables. Frankly, inflatables are not as much a world as they are a universe, seeing as there is a push to get inflatables up on the moon!

First, the old news about inflatables:

“The idea of inflatable structures has been around since the early 1960s, when NASA commissioned tyre manufacturer Goodyear to build an inflatable space station. It hoped to solve the problem of sending large objects into space by creating a lightweight system that could be flown to the Moon and later inflated. Goodyear’s resulting prototype resembled a large inner tyre big enough to house two people, but owing to insufficient funding and a number of design flaws, the concept never got off the ground.”

Now for the new information from The Engineer about getting space tourists in inflatables. Currently the European Space Agency and National Aeronautics and Space Administration have been working (albeit separately) on devising ways to implement new ways of using inflatables in space. 28 30 AS space habitats2

The main goal right now is to have people living on the moon in inflatable habitats by 2025, making the idea of space tourism more plausible. The habitats could also be utilized as outposts for research mission supplies.

One interesting use for inflatables in space has already been developed by Aero Sekur – a prototype inflatable greenhouse for space agriculture. A launch has been prepped for March 2012 to grow mustard seeds on the moon and see what happens. The company’s reasoning behind developing tools for space agriculture is that the process will be necessary in order to potentially visit and colonize distant planets.

Although it may be a while before we get to live on other planets, at least inflatables have a future in space!

Picture via The Engineer