Inflatable 2000 at IAAPA Conference

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Inflatables are an extremely fun and exiting amusement to have at any gathering, party or event that you may have. This party can be for adults and/or children because even though we all know that kids are the primary users of bouncy houses and castles, adults have a great time playing on those structures as well. So it would stand to reason that the world of inflatables is a diverse universe filled with all different kinds of entertainment.

One of the leaders in this market for party rentals is Inflatable 2000, an online supplier of inflatable structures for private parties as well as business conferences and fairs. Inflatable 2000 is a great source for all of your amusement needs, particularly when it comes to any variety of inflatable products including jumpers, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, blimps, balloons and a whole variety of other products that are fun and can promote your business.

Inflatable 2000 carries a number of different products that can be personalized for any event, but especially for companies that need to further brand their product or company name. Customization is one of the biggest things that can move your business model along – by putting a banner featuring your company name on a bouncy house or castle, you can get plenty of exposure to both children and parents alike. Combining the allure of inflatable novelties and advertising can be a potent mixture that is difficult to match with any other form of promotion.

Inflatable 2000 will be at this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference, which is being held in Orlando from November 15th through the 19th of the month. There will be 9 miles of exhibitors showing off their products and services that pertain to the art of amusing people. The IAAPA conference is a perfect venue for your company to showcase its goods while making connections in a very specialized industry.


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