A Few Weird Inflatables

I’ve talked about the weird inflatables all over the world, from inflatable rats in Washington, D.C. to the inflatable tanks in Russia, and this week’s entry will expose a few more strange inflatable items. Most weeks, an internet search for inflatables will show you news stories that aren’t too interesting – this was not one of those weeks. Here are the stories I found:

A new product has been introduced to the market unlike anything I’ve ever seen or thought of before – an inflatable banana protector. Wired Magazine’s Geekdad column has a post about a British company called Fruity Faces, which makes inflatable holders for various types of fruit:

“It will protect the delicate softness of every kid’s favourite fruit on the long and arduous journey to school and keep it safe until lunchtime. And if bananas aren’t their thing, then there are various designs of inflatables perfectly suited to apples, oranges and all kinds of round fruit. The colorful design [sic] include monsters, footballs and animals and they all have a handy key-fob clip to hook them onto schoolbags.”

The project was originally conceived and funded by the inventors’ entry into Dragon’s Den, a popular BBC show where entrepreneurs pitch product ideas to potential investors.
Moving in a totally anti-school direction brings us to Roger Waters, bassist and songwriter for classic rock band Pink Floyd. Waters, who penned the band’s The Wall record, has taken the album back on tour, with a whole slew of new technology and visuals, including inflatables. Of course, Waters’ custom inflatables are not made to protect fruit, according to a story in The Palm Beach Post:

“From the plane crashing into the Wall in the opener and the monstrous inflatable Teacher that the performers from Dillard High School’s Performing Arts classes taunt and sing along with Waters on stage to the song “Teacher”, the show is a constant assault on the senses. There are other inflatables and the giant flying pig just adds to the statements Waters’ The Wall makes about society.”

We don’t need no education indeed.

Image via Reuters

Holiday Inflatables

Every year around Halloween time, surprising decorations begin to spring up on people’s yards and houses. Usually these decorations are fake tombstones, scattered limbs, dead bodies and things of that macabre nature. However, some houses go all out and have inflatable decorations that really up the ante for the rest of the neighborhood. This year I saw several types of inflatable Halloween decorations that were really spectacular. This story from the Daily Review Atlas in Illinois talks about one family’s mission to gather as many inflatable Halloween decorations as possible:

“Roger and Shana Mettler’s front yard is guarded by three ghosts, a cat, Frankenstein and a skull with glowing red eyes. These inflatables are just some of the Halloween decorations that they have been collecting for the past four years.

He finds decorations at K-Mart, Walmart, Shopko, eBay and even yard sales. It now takes him about two to four hours to set up all the decorations.”

Obviously though, I’m not going to talk about Halloween decorations in this post because that day has passed. Instead, I am going to focus on cool ideas for inflatable decorations that you can put up for other holidays.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, you should be on the lookout for an inflatable turkey decoration that is maybe wearing a pilgrim’s hat, mixing the two primary traditions of the holiday together. If you’re having some young family members to your home, they will revel in having their pictures taken with the inflatables in your yard. One of the biggest parts of Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Day Parade, which features inflatable characters that we all love, so there’s no harm in having some of that decorative spirit at your home.

Just remember that inflatables do not just have to be bounce houses or inflatable slides, but can be used to spruce up the décor outside of your home for the holidays.

Air Bag Tent

In this blog, I usually write about the normal inflatable products that we have come to know and love. This includes anything from a gigantic bouncy castle to one of those awesome inflatable water slides. Man, that stuff is really fun. However, some times I glance around the internet and find some inflatable stuff that is really weird. So far, I have talked about inflatable hospitals, inflatable stereos, inflatable bars and (my personal favorite) inflatable Russian tanks. Recently I was looking around the web and found a tent made from inflatables – more specifically, made from car air bags!

A report from Gizmodo discusses the projects of Lambert Kamps, who has made a number of inflatable tents out of sewn together airbags:334447 gmQBQ5AEgGvECQVVXD eUXpEq

“On sale for 10,000 Euros, these Dutch tents were created using inflatable airbags, all sewn together to make the perfect hideaway. They measure 8m by 6m, so you could even park your car in there too, for ‘extra protection.'”

The best feature of this tent is its ability to stand on its own without those pesky tent poles that never stand up like you want them to. The round shapes of the air bags provide all of the support that the structure needs to stand on its own. Lambert Kamps has also designed an inflatable caterpillar tent which doubles as an inflatable movie theater. This theater is pictured in this post and at this link to Coroflots, which has a few more photos of Lambert Kamps designs.

I think that the air bag tent not only looks cool (like a futuristic bouncy castle), but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to have a party inside. Hey, if I could spare 10,000 Euros, I would totally buy one of these!