Air Bag Tent

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In this blog, I usually write about the normal inflatable products that we have come to know and love. This includes anything from a gigantic bouncy castle to one of those awesome inflatable water slides. Man, that stuff is really fun. However, some times I glance around the internet and find some inflatable stuff that is really weird. So far, I have talked about inflatable hospitals, inflatable stereos, inflatable bars and (my personal favorite) inflatable Russian tanks. Recently I was looking around the web and found a tent made from inflatables – more specifically, made from car air bags!

A report from Gizmodo discusses the projects of Lambert Kamps, who has made a number of inflatable tents out of sewn together airbags:334447 gmQBQ5AEgGvECQVVXD eUXpEq

“On sale for 10,000 Euros, these Dutch tents were created using inflatable airbags, all sewn together to make the perfect hideaway. They measure 8m by 6m, so you could even park your car in there too, for ‘extra protection.'”

The best feature of this tent is its ability to stand on its own without those pesky tent poles that never stand up like you want them to. The round shapes of the air bags provide all of the support that the structure needs to stand on its own. Lambert Kamps has also designed an inflatable caterpillar tent which doubles as an inflatable movie theater. This theater is pictured in this post and at this link to Coroflots, which has a few more photos of Lambert Kamps designs.

I think that the air bag tent not only looks cool (like a futuristic bouncy castle), but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to have a party inside. Hey, if I could spare 10,000 Euros, I would totally buy one of these!


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