Royal Inflatable Ban

Anyone who has ever planned a party of any sort knows how hard it can be to get everything together. This goes for parents who have planned small birthday parties for 15 kids – just when you think the bounce house will show up on time, it’s a bit late, so it’s panic time! No matter what experience we’ve had planning parties, I think that the royal family in Great Britain has a much bigger event on their hands.

Since Prince William is getting married in April to fiancée Kate Middleton, state officials are bracing themselves for the parade of street parties that will most likely spring up after the joyous event. However, their proposed restrictions (which ban inflatables, rides, etc.) are being met with complaints from residents. According to the Coventry Observer:

A 9pm curfew was also issued by the council, while entertainment, inflatables such as bouncy castles, and rides were all banned. But just a day after the guidelines were published on the council’s website, the rules were hastily changed. The new leniant guidelines asked residents to merely inform the council in advance if a party was planned to celebrate the royal wedding.”

Huzzah, the rules were changed! Slowly, the original proposal for rules about royal wedding parties has shifted to allow a few more elements:

“Coun Kevin Foster led a barrage of criticism of the original guidelines and called on the council to encourage street parties in the city. “The rules published by killjoys at the city council are ridiculous,” Coun Foster said. “Under the original proposals you couldn’t even play the National Anthem because music was banned.”

But a council spokesman defended the guidelines and the rapid u-turn, stating the change aimed to make it easier for residents to organise a street party.

“We’re fully committed to encouraging local people to hold street parties in celebration of the forthcoming royal wedding,” the spokesman said.”

The bad news is, it seems that inflatables are still banned from the festivities. To this I ask, what gives? Have you ever been to a great party without inflatables?

Inflatable Yacht Slides

Travelling out from the harbor into the ocean or sea on your yacht is one of those pleasures in life that can’t be matched. Seeing the international waters of the world aboard a pristine and luxurious yacht is an excellent experience. Once you get out into the middle of the ocean, you can dock and swim in areas that may have never been swam in before – how many people can say that?

However, there is one other thing you can do out in the recesses of the ocean that most people have not – slide down into the water from an inflatable yacht slide made custom for your specific boat! We all know that simply diving or swimming off from your yacht can be a blast, but imagine how much fun you and your guests will have on a giant slide, made specifically to reach right down the water level. I can’t imagine much better!

At Inflatable 2000, a leader in the sale of inflatable products like bounce houses, we believe that no luxury boat should be without a custom inflatable yacht slide. You may be thinking that your boat is simply too large to find an inflatable slide for, but we don’t let that stand in our way. In four easy steps, you can enjoy a professional yacht slide.

  1. Speak with an Inflatable 2000 representative to discuss the size and dimensions of your yacht. We will find the best fit for your specific type of ship.
  2. Next, we will begin the design phase, wherein we determine the best way to fit a slide to your boat. Taking in all of your concerns and suggestions, you will receive a blueprint of the design before the construction begins.
  3. Between our expert engineers and sewers, we begin building your inflatable slide out of the highest quality materials. By having several sets of eyes on the project at all times, we can ensure that no detail is missed.
  4. In a timely fashion, you will receive your inflatable slide, which will be ready for use at your convenience!

Bounce Houses Banned from Park

One of the best times of year is the summer because it reminds me of being a kid at all of my friends’ birthday parties. There were always parties at people’s houses, but the best kinds were at the local park. You could run around and play on the swing sets while the parents grilled and chatted about whatever parents talk about. The one park party that really sticks out in my mind is the one that had an awesome castle-themed bounce house. We literally jumped on that thing for hours and hours and had an excellent time.

This kind of bounce house may be a distant memory for some kids however, as one area in California is looking to ban them from parks entirely. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the restrictions would save time and money:

“City staff say the jumpers, which range in shape from castles to pirate ships, wreak havoc on city lawns, take up staff time with hard-to-enforce, labor intensive permits and can make the parks less enjoyable for others.

“Our position is, yes, it would be great if we could continue to allow them, but like other municipalities we have made this decision from a liability point of view and staffing point of view,” said Barry Gordon, director of Arts, Recreation and Community Services for Walnut Creek. “It just no longer makes sense for us.”

In 2009, the city saw a huge increase of bounce houses springing up in city parks, helping spur a new policy requiring permits. Also, inflatables could be used only on non-turf areas.”

One of the major issues being pointed out by Walnut Creek officials is the cost of processing the permits necessary for such inflatables. The $40 charge just isn’t covering the overall finances necessary. Walnut Creek is not the first town in the area to ban inflatable bounce houses:

“Danville, Pleasanton and Clayton also don’t allow the bounce houses in their parks, according to a Walnut Creek staff report. Gordon points out that Concord and Lafayette still allow them.”

Inflatables Warehouse Burns Down

9231276-largeThere is rarely a sad day when it comes to inflatables. If you have a party and rent a moon bounce, everyone has a better time than they may have had before. The same goes for inflatable slides as well. Think about all of the business conferences that you’ve had to go to for work – do you remember the booths without fun custom inflatables emblazoned with company logos? Probably not. That’s why it’s sad when a whole bunch of inflatables simply go up in smoke.

There was a recent fire that struck at warehouse in Louisiana that did more than $1 million dollars of damage. An article from says that almost half a million dollars worth of stored rental inflatables were destroyed:

“The huge fire that destroyed more than $1 million in property at a Space Walk warehouse in Kenner started when roofers created sparks that accidentally ignited some of the inflatable birthday party favorites inside, Fire Chief John Hellmers said Friday.

‘Now I have not heard back yet from the deputy fire marshal, but it’s clear this was an accidental fire,’ he said. While an estimated $500,000 worth of inflatables were destroyed, customers awaiting the delivery of a Space Walk this weekend will not be affected, the company said.

‘The rental portion of Space Walk did not suffer any damage,’ Director of Operations Skip Long said in a brief statement.”

Apparently, the accidental spark that started the fire was caused by roofers who were using a circular saw to cut through the metal roof. Some embers of molten steel accidentally fell down, causing the blaze to start. The fire occurred at 2 p.m., but thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the blaze, although one firefighter suffered burns to his leg.