Fair Plans Exclude Inflatables

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In the last few blog posts, the major issue I have focused on is inflatable safety, which has become a major point of contention in many areas of the country. Today, I was going to write about one plan to put inflatable hotels into space, but instead, I stumbled upon an important story that is causing debate in the inflatable games community.

Just recently, a board of school officials in Durham, Ontario, Canada, struck down a parental request to add inflatable structures to a school fun fair, according to an article from durhamregion.com:

‘Gordon Tewnion addressed the board recently, requesting the use of five air-filled devices, including a maze and a slide, for a May 26 fun fair at Lester B. Pearson Public School in Ajax. He would also like to use a bouncy castle. ‘I am pleading with you to allow us to use something new to liven up our event,’ said Mr. Tewnion.”

However, the request was denied because of a decision made by the board in the early 2000s. This decision to ban inflatables came from the guidance of an insurer, who named inflatables as a hazard. The article goes into more explicit detail:

“The board hasn’t allowed the devices since the early 2000s and Janet Edwards, superintendent of education for Ajax, said schools are reminded at the beginning of each school year not to use them. She said the board is concerned the use of inflatables could result in injuries such as concussion, dental damage and fractured limbs.”

I understand the decision not to allow inflatables in the school district as a rule, but as I have written before, if appropriate precautions and procedures are taken, then no one will get hurt. It’s all about having fun while maintaining the safety of participants. Come on Durham! Let the kids have some fun!




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