More Tips for Bounce House Safety

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The summer is fast approaching and with the summer comes a slew of parties, barbecues and a whole host of inflatable games, jumper combos and bounce houses. I know that every party I went to didn’t have to have any inflatables at all, but I sure looked forward to going to the parties that did! There has been some concern over the last few years about the safety of bounce houses in particular, causing some parents to decide against having such amusements at their children’s’ parties. I have written about some of the incidents that have occurred during unsupervised or improperly installed bounce houses before, but you can never have enough information on how to keep yourself and your children safe on them.

One major tip that you may not know is to check for a sticker on the inflatable indicating that it has been inspected by proper authorities. This, according to a story from KEPR, is required in many states, including Washington:

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission last reported 4,900 emergency room visits in 2004 due to inflatable ride related injuries. Jay Wood, owner of the Country Mercantile north of Pasco, gives some tips to consumers, suggesting looking for a sticker, which must be displayed on every bounce house. He says, ‘Most of the accidents I hear are people to people, it’s not the structure that causes accidents, it’s people hitting each other and things like that.’”

Although the cost can be quite large for these inspections – $1000 per inflatable structure in Washington – it is certainly a small amount to ensure that those who want to have a jumper at their party can be safe. Having an attendant is also a considerable addition to the safety of any inflatables at events. The article focuses on those companies that are unlicensed in their inflatable operations, so do some research into the rental companies you may be using. Choosing a company with the proper licensing may cost a bit more, but isn’t protection of your children important as well?




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