That’s a Big Inflatable

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The overall amount of strange inflatables that I have covered in this blog is pretty dense. There were inflatable jets, a big inflatable rat and even inflatable pubs that could be schilling beer anywhere after a brief inflating. You might not think that inflatables have been used like this before reading and now you have a fun fact to tell your friends! Today, I found a story about an inflatable that isn’t necessarily strange, it’s just really, really big.

According to a story in Bangor Daily News, a local amusement area that recently closed will reopen with an incredibly large inflatable structure:

“We’re adding the Adrenaline Rush Extreme, which at 2,200 square feet is the largest inflatable unit available in the U.S. and the largest indoor inflatable obstacle course in New England,” said [new owner Ryan] Hatch, who will also be adding an age-specific Mini Maine Zone area with inflatable play units for children ages 4 and under.”

The space – called the Maine Jump – is known in the area as an amusement center that rents out to people looking to hold events like parties and corporate retreats. Although it is certainly the most noticeable feature of the space, the 2200 square foot inflatable is not the only thing at the Main Jump, at least according to the article:

“Other changes include a 30-square-foot adult area featuring a 10-foot leather couch, leather chairs, Wi-Fi access, free coffee, a 50-inch high-definition TV with cable and a sports interactive area featuring football skills games. Once the weather warms up, Hatch plans to set up outdoor inflatable water slides, another obstacle course and inflatable movie screens.”

However cool this place sounds – consider just how big 2200 feet of inflatable goodness is. That’s roughly the square footage of a volleyball court! That’s definitely a serious inflatable space!