Artists Finds a New Way to Adapt Inflatables

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The world of inflatables is filled with wonder and joy. Any doubts? Just ask a kid what they think about bounce houses? Better yet, ask the child’s parents, who are most likely on the jumper combo next to the bounce house. However, this world of air-filled activities extends beyond the inflatable slides and other contraptions that you can bounce around on. Some people are taking inflatables and turning them into custom inflatables – creations designed around the basic premise of your favorite inflatable item.

For instance, one artist named Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos is using inflatables to create gigantic hands that will be part of sculptures representing the art of palm reading. The Miami New Times spoke to the artist and had her explain what she does with the inflatables:

“The sculptures are made of rip-stop fabric, the same material used to make parachutes. All five sculptures where designed and sewed by hand in my studio. Once all the pieces were assembled, I spent days blowing the inflatable in my studio and working on the details.It was like sculpting the air. The same way tailors do with garments, I was adjusting the fabric with pins to create the shapes I wanted with the air.”

When I said that these inflatables were large, I might have undersold them. The handmade structures range from 8 feet to 15 feet in size.  However, Esmeralda has some competition.

Another artist recently created an even larger inflatable piece made from 3000 balloons. No, that’s not a typo. I meant 3000. Using these balloons Adam Lee made a 46 ft. wide spider, according to Newstrack India:

“The previous record holder for the largest balloon sculpture was John Cassidy who used 434 modelling balloons to create a biplane in 2009. Lee, who has smashed the previous record by nearly seven times, admitted running into major problems with his balloon sculpture as he was working entirely from an image in his head.”

A giant spider? Where will the world of inflatables go next?