Using Custom Inflatables at Events

Custom InflatableThe whole idea behind having a custom inflatable developed is based around making your business / company promotion as integrated with your mission as possible. For instance, if you own an athletic company, you’ll want to have an inflatable designed to look like a basketball or other sports-related product. Once you have an inflatable specific to your company, you’ll want to start bringing it to certain events that your business takes part in.

Here are some events you should feature your custom inflatable at:

Trade Shows – Trade shows are a great way to get out the word about your company’s product or services, especially since attendees are looking for specific types of businesses. However, being part of trade shows is a sometimes scattered affair, especially if the other companies there are in the same type of industry. Having a custom inflatable to go along with your booth (if they are allowed) is one definitive way to stand out from the other business owners there. If you sell children’s toys and clothing, installing a custom jumper branded with your business logo will bring over kids and parents in droves.

Amusement Parks – Every summer, hundreds of thousands of people flood through the gates of theme parks, looking for family fun and thrill rides. A lot of these parks sell prime reality to companies looking to advertise along the paths leading to the hottest new ride. How do you pull in attention in this setting? With a custom designed sky dancer or inflatable game, of course! Imagine the line of park-goers waiting to try their hand at shooting basketballs or throwing a fastball at an inflatable catcher.

There are hundreds of other places you should bring your custom inflatables to, especially when you want to expand your brand’s reach. Don’t forget how quickly a custom inflatable will pay for itself, particularly if you keep it up at your brick-and-mortar location all-year-round!

Walk on Water with Inflatables Technology

Walk on WaterYou should always know one thing about inflatables – always be ready to expect the unexpected. Just when I think I’ve seen it, an inventor comes up with something made with inflatables in mind that blows me away. To be honest, I think bounce houses, inflatable slides and other rental inflatables are wonderful and perfectly good representations of the inflatables industry. The other developments out there are pretty awesome too!

Here is my favorite story going right now:

One of the best types of inflatables must be inner tubes, primarily because of their adaptability. Not only can you use them on lakes, but you can use them in the snow as a speedy way to glide down major hills in winter. However, inner tubes in the summer always bring up pool season, reminding kids and adults about the joys of floating around in the warm sun.

In the same vein, Gizmodo has a quick post about a new type of inflatable that will allow you and up to 1000 lb. of friends to stand on water. The inflatable mat, created by Hammacher Schlemmer, will let you virtually walk on water for the low, low price of $1000. The mat is constructed in a very interesting way – from the Hammacher Schlemmer website:

“The 90′ sq. float holds up to six adults and supports up to 1,000 lbs., enabling sprinting, cartwheels, or cannon balls directly into a lake. Made from reinforced 500-denier fabric fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC, the durable mat withstands the most vigorous play and has a special coating that prevents damage from UV rays.”

According to the product description, you can actually walk and run on this mat as well as simply chill out. It must be pumped up to work correctly and be situated in 4’ deep water.

Inflatable 2000 at the American Inflatable Road Show

InflatablesEvery major industry in the world has trade shows that help bring together many like businesses who want to showcase their wares in one place. Usually this takes place in one convention center in one city in one state. How do you reach all of the other people who want to see your stuff?

Well, in the world of inflatables, you don’t have to worry about finding an event that comes directly to you. The American Inflatable Alliance has created a wonderful new showcase of the latest and greatest inflatable products called the American Inflatable Road (AIR) Show. What’s different about this show from others like the IAAPA? According to the American Inflatable Alliance, it’s all about location:

“Research indicates that less than 1% of our clients are able to attend IAAPA each year for a variety of reasons. Expensive travel costs and time away from their businesses…having only one show a year simply doesn’t work for the vast majority of our industry. The AIR Show is a series of regional tradeshows that will be held in a variety of cities across the country each year.”

There is going to be a plethora of inflatable items to view and try out this year, including interactive games, obstacle courses, blowers and rental inflatables as well. Furthermore, all those attending will receive free lunch each day of the show and will also be invited to a free Customer Appreciation Party as well!

This year, a number of sponsors have signed on to the AIR Show, including Inflatable 2000, the leader in inflatable products. The next stop of the show is in Arlington, TX, on June 5 – 6 from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. each day. If you would like to attend, fill out the form at the link listed below.

All of us at Inflatable 2000 hope to see you there!



Summer Safety Tips for Rental Inflatables

Bounce Castle

As spring rolls in and summer approaches across the country, more and more party balloons will be springing up on mailboxes all over the U.S. Why you might ask? Well, the summer is a wonderful time to get family and friends over for birthday parties, July 4th celebrations and just random get-togethers. If you have a pool, you are definitely going to be the house to be at for parties this summer. However, if you really want to make your party the best, you should get yourself a rental inflatable.

Inflatable slides and obstacle courses are always the centerpiece to a good party. The best part? They are entertaining for adults and kids alike! You should always keep in mind that inflatable safety is no laughing matter – so familiarize yourself with these tips:

  • Never allow children on an inflatable unless an adult is present to supervise the activities. For instance, if there are too many kids inside a bounce house, someone could get hurt. Having an adult present to moderate can stop accidents from happening.
  • When it comes to your jewelry and other personal items, make sure they stay outside the inflatable. You should always take your shoes off and remove any loose articles of clothing when using inflatables.
  • Do not act dangerously or horse around on the inflatables. This includes jumping near the entrance and jumping into people inside the bounce house, obstacle course or other inflatable.
  • When bad weather is looming, exit the inflatable as soon as possible. Lightening, thunder and or rain should prompt you to stop using the inflatable and turn off the air blower.
  • Be conscious of any injuries or disabilities you may have before going into a bounce house. If you generally have back, head or neck problems, you shouldn’t participate in inflatable activities.