The Summer of Inflatable Slides

Wet Inflatable Slides

Ah, the summer. Is there a time of year more perfect for backyard parties than this beautiful season? This is the time when family and friends get together often, for graduations, birthdays, Independence Day or just a good old fashioned BBQ. In their own right, each one of these parties has fun elements, but one simple addition can make all the difference – an inflatable slide.

Inflatable slides are the talk of every awesome summer party and luckily, you can have one at your party, from industry leader Inflatable 2000. Inflatable 2000’s Colossal Collection of Slides is unmatched in the inflatables industry. Featuring 12 new 18’ dry and wet inflatable slides, this collection includes these favorites:

The Patriot – If you are looking for the king of Independence Day wet slides, you’ll  find exactly what you’re looking for in The Patriot. This 27-foot slide features a number of safety features that will make the parents happy. However, the kids will be in awe of the stars-and-stripes monster truck perched at the top of this fun slice of Americana.

Lucha Libre Smash – What little boy doesn’t love pro wrestling? This inflatable slide is perfect for the WWE fan in your family. Lucha Libre Smash may look like an out-of-control wrestler, but comes complete with No-Jump Mesh and a number of water proof elements to keep everyone safe while they slide from the top to the championship belt at the bottom.

Double Splash – Looking for a fun way to pit friends and family against each other? Rent a double side racer slide like the Double Splash. This slide can be used wet or dry and promotes friendly competition at your local event or party.

Make sure your summer party is complete with one of these slides from the Colossal Collection of Slides from Inflatable 2000!

Saving a Bear with a Bounce House

If you read this blog, you know that there are many uses for inflatables. One use is particularly dumb and it’s seen often, at least in the movies. In almost every mainstream college party movie out there, someone jumps off a roof into a bounce house that has been rented for the occasion. This is not something that bounce houses are made for and we do not condone this activity and strongly recommend that you do not allow this at your parties. However, in certain instances, bounce houses have been used in this way for good reasons, like rescuing a bear trapped in a tree.

Huffington Post reports that a bear was stuck in a tree in Little Rock, Arkansas, recently. Once it was apparent that the bear was not going to leave the tree, a bounce house was brought in to help:

“Foster the Bear – named for the residential street where he holed up in a tree – wouldn’t budge from his branch Monday. So, authorities turned to a local hardware store owner who rents inflatable houses and castles for children’s birthday parties. They asked him to set up two of the bouncy contraptions beneath the tree. Then, wildlife officials shot the bear with tranquilizer darts.”

The article says that the bear was knocked out, but didn’t fall from the tree when shot. Then firefighters were brought in to hose the bear, who then fell onto the bounce houses that were set up. Luckily, Foster wasn’t hurt:

“The bear, about a year old, wasn’t hurt, though he did land in between a blow-up castle and the other inflatable house – kind of “like if you get something stuck between the wall and the bed,” as [Conway police spokeswoman La Tresha Woodruff put it]. Spectators who had been watching the bear in the tree for hours cheered and clapped, Woodruff said.”

Inflatable Constructed to Resemble Stonehenge

Inflatable Stonehenge

Custom inflatables are a wonderful thing, especially when you own a business that needs advertising to draw attention. You can accomplish this mission by branding air dancers, bounce houses and other inflatables with your logo and displaying the inflatable in a prominent place or at a tradeshow. Furthermore, custom inflatable designers can work with you to develop a fully original inflatable in almost any shape you can dream up. No matter what type of inflatable you come up with, you will draw a lot of attention for whatever you are advertising.

One artist from Great Britain has seemingly decided to provide Scotland with some free inflatable advertising in the form of a very famous (and mysterious) destination – Stonehenge. A blog post in Bangstyle Independent says:

“…thanks to British artist Jeremy Deller, a life sized and inflatable replica of the site has been installed in Glasgow, Scotland, for the general public, both young and old, to enjoy and experience close hand. The artist, who has never created anything in Scotland before, adamantly wanted the public to be able to discover and play with history in a tangible way.”

The artist says that his creation is meant to put people in touch – literally – with the famous standing stones. At the Stonehenge site itself, you can’t get close enough to touch the structure – it’s roped off 30 feet away. The article says that the inflatable Stonehenge is being presented at an annual Glasgow art festival for all to enjoy:

“This inflatable Stonehenge, ironically called Sacrilege, was erected during the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts which takes place in Glasgow Green. The festival’s website said, “Visual art happens all year round in Glasgow, but for two weeks every two years, [the Festival] puts it firmly in the spotlight.” 

Inflatable Stonehenge only takes 15 minutes to inflate in the morning. Maybe Stonehenge will come over to the U.S. for Americans to enjoy!


When Inflatables Meet the Military: Tanks, Jets & More

Fake MissileThe Trojan Horse story is one of the most brilliant military stratagems in history. Although we are not entirely sure exactly what happened, the metaphor of the Trojan Horse as a military confidence trick has lasted for thousands of years and the idea of tricking opponents with illusions has not died off at all. In fact, a post in this blog some months ago referenced inflatable jets and tanks, which can be used to trick enemy sonar and radar. Russia was reportedly getting into the inflatable tank game, and now it looks like another country in Asia may be working on the same illusion.

According to, North Korea has apparently released pictures of a new missile which might not be an actual missile at all:

“…what appears to be a new missile is displayed during a military parade at the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the country’s founding father Kim Il Sung. Analysts say since the warhead’s surface is undulated, this suggests it’s a thin metal sheet unable to withstand flight pressure.”

The article says that these tactics have been used for centuries to show strength where there is none. In North Korea’s case, displaying this (allegedly) faux warhead is supposed to reflect the power of North Korea’s military program to enemies and allies alike. Inflatables have been used for this exact purpose, particularly during WWII, when a virtual army was created:

“Gen. George Patton had an oversized image to match his healthy ego, and Adolf Hitler was convinced he would be leading the invasion. So in a move dubbed “Operation Quicksilver,” the Allies constructed buildings and placed inflatable replicas of M4 Sherman tanks around southern England, suggesting a move on the Pas de Calais.”

It seems that the use of inflatables for something other than fun party activities – like an obstacle course race – will continue as long as there are battles to fight.