Inflatable Bounce Houses Stolen in England

Everyone should have a bounce house in their backyard. Let’s face it – they are a lot of fun and would be an excellent stress reliever after a long day of school or work. This may not be realistic, so most of us have to wait for our friends and family to have inflatable bounce houses at their backyard parties. You have to admit it though – it would be a lot of fun to have a bounce house around all of the time.

Apparently, some scoundrels in Abbeydale had the same idea, except they didn’t want to get their jumper fair and square. According to an article in This is Gloucestershire, a group of thieves made away with three large, expensive inflatables from a pub:

“One of the bouncy castles, which was red and yellow, was worth £1,800. The other one, a blue and yellow inflatable designed for smaller children, was valued at £1,200. A third inflatable, which was emblazoned with the pub’s phone number, was left behind.”

What is surprising about this crime, the article says, is that the bandits were able to move the inflatables, which were each 20 feet long. The landlord at the property is perturbed by this fact, implying that it shouldn’t have been possible to make off with “such large items.” However difficult it may seem, the police do have a theory about how they got the inflatables off of the property:

“It is thought the thieves broke in through the garden, before hauling the castles over the fence. Police said the inflatable play equipment had been stolen between midnight on Monday and 7am on Tuesday morning.”

The landlord is still waiting to hear whether or not the pub’s insurance policy will cover the loss of the inflatable fixtures, some of which had been on the property for more than 3 years.

King Kong Takes Over Waterfront

You may not believe it, but it turns out that King Kong is real. At least in inflatable form. According to an article from This is Kent, a 15 foot version of the giant primate is gracing the top of a canopy at a seafront in the United Kingdom. It was added to the front of a building to mark the grand opening of a new arcade at the location.

However, one of the property’s nearby neighbors isn’t very happy with King Kong’s frightening grimace and complained to local authorities. The article says:

“…the firm did not seek planning permission and an angry neighbour went bananas and complained…about the prominent primate. The town’s seafront is a conservation area and property owners must get consent to change the buildings within the zone. Liam Nabb, secretary of Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group (CAAG) believes it would open the floodgates to advertisements of a similar scale.”

These types of inflatable advertisements are nothing new. Many businesses use air dancers, inflatable blimps and other inflatables emblazoned with their logos to draw customer attention towards their storefronts and buildings. The concern from the government isn’t totally misplaced, seeing as this particular inflatable is 15 feet tall. It has brought a lot of attention to the arcade:King Kong

“Bingo club manager Graeme Corner does not understand the fuss about King Kong. ‘Business is booming and we’ve seen a 35 per cent in footfall.’”

This story also brings attention to the effect of inflatables when used to draw customers and interested parties towards a business or cause. Remember the inflatable rat used at protests by nurses unions? It certainly got them some attention! If you are a business owner, consider using inflatable advertisements as a great marketing tool – they really do work well!

Nonetheless, King Kong’s permanence remains to be seen. One business owner is hoping that Kong’s future is determined before the Bingo club opens at the end of the month.

Antennas Made From Inflatables

Leaps and bounds are always being made when it comes to technology. It seems that many of us cannot keep up with how quickly new and innovative products are being developed. You just bought an iPhone 4? Well, now there’s an iPhone 5. No matter how far technology progresses, inflatables always seem to fit into the mix somewhere. I don’t mean the bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses we have at backyard birthday parties – I’m speaking more about airbags and other safety devices.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that inflatables have recently been playing a large part in exploration of space. Just a few weeks ago, we talked about an inflatable elevator project that would potentially reach the moon. Before that, we looked at the inflatable tech that allowed the Mars Curiosity Rover to land safely on the Red Planet. Now, there is a story about inflatable space antennas. According to Space News:

“Space Ground Amalgam…is working with partners, including L’Garde Inc. of Tustin, Calif., to offer antennas designed be stored in compact containers during launch, then inflated and hardened once on orbit. The concept relies on recent advances in shaped polymers and nanomaterials to produce lightweight antennas that can be deployed in space and hardened to withstand…”

The article says the L’Garde has been looking into inflatable space antenna installations since the 1980s. It stalled due to concerns about punctures, but found that temperature-sensitive resins placed in between layers of fabric can be as soft or as hard as needed to ensure structural integrity. Currently, the plan is to test this process in 2014, evn though there is one hitch:

“One of the challenges in developing inflatable antennas is finding ways to make antenna surfaces smooth enough to meet mission requirements. Unlike the mirrors destined for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which industry teams can polish for years, mirrors included in inflatable antennas have defects that have to be tolerated…”

Do you think this use of inflatables will be successful?

Football Inflatables for Fall Parties

There are roughly 7 months of the year when television is painful. No, it’s not because of repeated sitcoms or reality shows, it’s because there’s no football on. Without football, Sunday afternoons aren’t exciting or much fun at all. Luckily, with the Giants / Cowboys on Wednesday night, the regular football season has begun, bringing with it gatherings of fans to celebrate wins or bemoan losses of a favorite game.

Most parties centered around football involve a table of snack food and some drinks, but why not take your pigskin party to a new level? Although some areas might be too cold, warmer parts of the country should use football as a way to throw an all-out bash. Here are some football-themed inflatables to get your parties going:

First N Goal – Which one of your party guests think they can dash better than any football pro? Most likely all of them, including you. Put your strength to the test with this bungee challenge, which has opposing bungee cords to keep players from getting the football to the center of the inflatable. Whoever gets the football in the scoring hole first wins! This will likely be the cause of many fights at your party, so be prepared for some serious trash talk.Football Inflatable

Inflat-a-Flix – Don’t go dragging your big screen TV outside so everyone can watch. This inflatable rental will help your broadcast the big game in a big way! Grab a projector and show off the game on this inflatable screen, which will be a big hit with any true football fan.

Quarterback Attack – Get your throwing arm in shape before you test your skills on Quarterback Attack, which will test your accuracy with throwing a football. If you can throw the ball into the hole, you might have a calling as a starter!