Inflatable Earbuds Will Change the Way You Listen to Music

Inflatable Earbuds

Do you hate when your earbuds falls out of your ears? Hate how they don’t fit into your ears the way they should? Well, your problems are solved with a new kind of earbud that inflates to fit inside your ears. The earbud company is targeting Apple, and you could see the inflatable earbud product in their stores in the near future.

The inflatable earbud is the brainchild of Stephen Ambrose. Stephen is a pioneer in audio technology, and the founder of Asius Technologies. His goal is to use his inflatable technology to deliver better sound for consumer earbuds, hearing aids, and in-ear monitors used by performing artists. Stephen also wants to do all this without any collateral hearing damage from cranked up volume normally used to compensate for imperfect listening devices.

Ambrose is quoted saying, “We went to Apple, and they said we have the holy grail of in-ear devices and they just can’t wait for us to be in their store.” This is great news for Ambrose and for all the people out there who are fed up with the old fashioned style of earbuds.

Here’s how it works. The inflated earpieces create a comfortable feeling inside the ear that resembles a slight change in air pressure. The earpieces harness the sounds pressure from the headphone or hearing aid speakers and use it to inflate themselves. The inflatable earpieces create an “isolation” seal inside the ear that blocks outside noise and will absorb some of the excess sound from the actual earphones. Excess sound is what can hurt the eardrum and trigger an acoustic reflex that defensively dampens loud sounds. This reflex is what makes people increase the volume of their earphones and can cause damage to your eardrums.

Getting the inflatable hearing aids will eliminate the need to get custom ear molds made. This process involves pouring silicone inside the ear canals to create a mold that is used to create the perfect fit hearing aids. The inflatable hearing aids inflate and take on the shape of your inner ears. This also allows for the hearing aids to change shape, as the canals change shape inside your ears as you age.

Right now, Ambrose is working on perfecting his product, so it can be sold to the public through Apple. His prototype has survived the past two years of extensive use and many inflations and deflations. With a strong prototype, the finished project will change the way we listen to music forever.

Traveling Show uses Rainforest inflatable to Make Learning Fun


Bixby's Inflatable Rainforest

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest was entertaining families recently at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in South Dakota. The traveling exhibit goes around the country to teach kids about how they can protect the rainforest while having a good time. Bixby’s offers crafts, live animals, stage shows, and inflatable rainforest rides.

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest traveling exhibit is part of a series of exhibits called Bixby & Friends. All of the exhibits have educational themes and focus on teaching kids through fun activities. Bixby and his friends most recently visited the Sioux Falls Convention Center to teach kids about preserving the rainforest. Families came to learn about saving the rainforest and the exotic animals that live there.

The exhibit is geared towards children between the ages of 1 and 12. The BixbInflatable Rock Climbing Wally’s Inflatable Rainforest tries to not only teach the children, but enrich family interaction and involvement. Bixby’s Interactive Rainforest is 50,000 square feet, which is plenty of room for kids to explore and learn. The main attractions are the three large inflatables that the kids can interact with. The Tiki Island Climbing Wall, Bixby’s Ball Crawl, and Bixby’s Rainforest Express Train are fan favorites. The large inflatable rock climbing wall is popular among the kids, as they get to climb up to the top of the inflatable mountain side.

The event brings education and entertainment together. They hope to raise awareness about the destruction and deforestation of the rainforest. Many people are not aware that over 46 million acres of rainforest are lost every year. By informing the families and children at a young age, they hope they will be more conscious of this issue all their life. Taught different ways they can help, such as recycling, the kids can be active advocators for the cause.

The Bixby’s Inflatable Rainforest is a great event for the whole family. The kids will learn a great deal about preserving the rainforest while having an amazing time. Bixby & Friends also have exhibits about the ocean, the desert, and farming and agriculture.


NASA Dishes out $17 Million to Develop Inflatable Space Station

Inflatable Space Station
Recently NASA has awarded a contract to explore ways to potentially expand the International Space Station. The company that received the contract, Bigelow Aerospace, will have access to $17.8 million to create an inflatable extension for the space station. According to NASA, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module “will demonstrate the benefits of this space habitat technology for future exploration and commercial space endeavors.” NASA hopes that this new inflatable technology can help get astronauts reach distances they never have before.

You may not have known, but inflatable space technology is nothing new. The first passive communication satellites, Echo 1 and Echo 2, were both inflatable. This technology came about when NASA determined that satellite would be too big to fit into the Thor-Delta rocket in 1958. To alleviate this problem, NASA decided to have the satellites inflate when they reached space.

The idea of a self-contained inflatable habitat for space exploration has been around for decades. It has been budget constraints that have help NASA from putting the idea into action. In 2000, NASA had to cancel its “Transit Habitat” plan that would get astronaut crews to Mars using the inflatable technology due to budget issues.

The Bigelow Aerospace company has been working independently on inflatable habitats for many years. Currently, Bigelow offers a BA 330 inflatable habitat that can be both added on to an existing station or operate on its own. The BA 330 has 330 cubed meters of volume and can support a crew of up to six people for an extended period of time. According to Bigelow, the BA 330’s radiation protection can at least match that of the International Space Station. The inflatable habitat’s “aluminum can” design features four large windows the crew can use to look out into space.

There is no confirmation on whether or not Bigelow Aerospace’s BA 330 or another inflatable habitat has been commissioned by NASA. However, NASA plans to hold a press even soon with Bigelow to discuss their plans for the inflatable project.

Inflatables Entertain Members of Boys and Girls Club

Inflatables 2000

The members of the Hudson High School Explorer’s football team came to the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland to help the kids have a good time for the holidays. Along with around 30 football players, family members and friends also came to volunteer. The event, called “Holiday Games Day,” was organized by Marylee Maendler and other parents. The mother of a sophomore football player, Marylee brought in treats, games, a photo booth, and inflatables to make it a memorable day for the members of the club.

Organizers collected cash donations to raise money for the event. They rented inflatables that made an obstacle course. The photo booth was set up for free unlimited photos and there were different accessories for the kids to dress up in. Inflatable Obstacle CourseJoAnn fabrics donated over 140 blanket kits for the kids, so they could make their own blankets and bring them home with them. The children got to play on the inflatables, do lots of crafts, and take all the pictures they wanted with their friends and family.

Marylee and the other organizers were not sure what to expect at first, because it was their first time doing the event. A snowstorm hit the day before the scheduled date, so they were unsure how many kids would make it. To the organizers surprise, about 120 kids from the club made it to the Holiday Games Day and they had a great time.

Even though it started out as a football-sponsored event, about 40 businesses and families were responsible for the success of the first Holiday Games Day. The day came to conclusion when the volunteers handed out 200 gourmet cupcakes to the kids that were donated by Main Street Cupcakes, a local bakery. The whole day was a great experience for the football players and the members of the Boys and Girls Club.