Inflatable Tent is creating a Buzz

Inflatable Tent

Wedge Inflatable Tent


Heimplanet has been creating a lot of buzz about their geodesic inflatable tent, called the Cave. Their first prototypes were not successful because they were too big for practical camping use. The company has recently downsized the tent with a smaller and lighter design that they hope will draw even more attention.

The new design, named the Wedge, is a two person inflatable shelter that is meant to make camping easier. The Wedge is not built to be a lightweight camping solution and is about seven pounds heavier than an aluminum pole tent. The idea of using an inflatable tent is to make set up quicker and easier. Instead of wrestling with poles, setting up one side, and then having the other side collapse, all you have to do is pump the tent up. Heimplanet describes the Wedge set-up as “roll out, inflate, finished.” The tent is staked into the ground and then external air shafts are inflated, pulling the tent and fly erect and taut.

The Wedge provides its tenants with 48 square feet of indoor space. The design includes a breathable nylon ripstop inner tent with mesh venting and integrated nylon ripstop rain fly for weather protection. Another cool and practical feature is the vestibule for dirty shoes and gear. The tent is separated into three chambers; so, if one happens to deflate, the two others will keep the tent standing.

Inflatable Cave

Original Cave Design

Heimplanet is a brand that is very European, but the company’s owners hope to move the product into the American market. They see an American market that is made up of mostly passionate outdoors people that spend time adventuring and camping but do not necessarily need the lightest and tech-iest gear. The practicality and easy set-up will be two big selling points for the Wedge in the States.

The new innovative camping tool should have a market here in the United States. The only thing that might shy away buyers is the $600 price tag. While it does provide a time-saving tent set-up solution, it is uncertain how many recreational campers will want to dish out that much money for that luxury. Either way, it is an interesting idea that many people will probably be interested in.


Inflatable Lighting Technology Hits the Market

Inflatable Lantern

Inflatable Light










New technology is created every day. Recently, both the United States and United Kingdom have come up with their own inflatable lights. The U.S. version is handheld and meant for personal use, while the U.K. inflatable light is a tower and is meant for use on the construction site.

The inflatable light from the United States is more of a solar lantern. Usually when we think of inflatables, we think of inflatable slides and bouncy houses, but a New York City-based company had other ideas. Mpowerd is the creator of the newest inflatable light called Luci. This solar-powered inflatable lantern can fold up like an accordion and Luci Inflatable Lightuses ten LED bulbs. The lantern integrates solar panel technology to power the LEDs, so you should never have to worry about changing the batteries. Luci’s design facilitates maximum portability. The lantern weighs less than 4 ounces and is only 5 inches thick. Luci can go from folded up to inflated in under a minute with the help of its pop-out blow valve. It has two brightness settings and has a flash mode for emergencies. The lithium-polymer battery that Luci uses can provide power for six to 12 hours of light and requires about seven hours for a full charge. The lantern is also waterproof, making it a perfect light source in the outdoors. It can be used for camping, as an emergency light in your car, or even as a party/accent light in your home. At a price of $15.95, the Luci solar-powered inflatable lantern is a great buy.

The United Kingdom used its inflatable lighting technology on a bigger scale. They created two different inflatable lights that are portable and quick to deploy. They were made to be used at construction sites, so workersInflatable Light Tower can easily set up a light source. The two units are called the PIL1000 and the NiteLite, and their halide lights produce 95,000 and 26,000 lumens, respectively. The bigger unit, the PIL1000, only weighs 25 kg and allowing it to be portable. The company who created the inflatable towers, Air & Ground, says it takes only about 30 seconds to inflate the tower to its full height of 4.6 meters. The great thing about the tower is that it provides 360 degree lighting and the lights are powerful enough to illuminate an area of 10,000 square meters. The smaller tower, the NiteLite, weighs only 13 kg, reaches a height of 2.7 meters, and can illuminate up to 600 square meters.  When they are deflated, they are so portable they can fit inside of a regular vehicle.

The new inflatable lights of both the U.S. and U.K. are great strides in inflatable technology. They are portable, practical, and effective. Don’t be surprised if you see people camping with Luci and blowing up light towers at a construction site near you very soon.

Inflatable Bag Helps Keep Fragile Items Safe During Travel

Inflatable VinnieBag

Have you wrapped some bottles of wine or liquid inside your luggage when flying, and find your clothes are ruined when you get home? Well with the VinniBag, you will be able to fly with no worries, because you can be sure all of your clothes and possessions will be safe.

High altitudes can cause products in your suitcase or carry-on to explode and that will potentially ruin other possessions of yours. When you are away on vacation, you may want to bring home wines, oils, and other liquids from your destination. Do not let the fear of your clothes being ruined be a deterrent from taking home some native items home from your trip.

With the VinniBag, you will not have to worry about any liquids exploding and ruining your things. The VinniBag is a custom inflatable bag that you can store items that contain liquid in. Made in the USA, the VinniBag is a recyclable and versInflatable Bagatile inflatable bag that will hold any bottle containing liquid. It is designed for travel by air, car, train, bike, boat, and even backpack. It is great for plane travel, because the VinniBag is engineered to withstand fluctuations in altitude and temperature.

The VinniBag is easily stored when not in use and is inflatable by simply blowing a few breaths into it. When inflated, the contents are safely stored inside and in the even the liquid should come out, it will not harm any other things you have stored in your bag. Some other popular things you can store inside the VinniBag are alcohols, olive oil, shampoo, perfume, and things made of glass. Another plus is the clear design that allows for visual inspection without having to open the bag. This makes it easy for customs to easily view the contents and not hold you up.

With the inflatable VinniBag, you will never have to worry about your clothes or possessions being ruined by liquids ever again. Whether you are going on a plane or just taking a short drive, use the VinniBag to protect any fragile items or bottles containing liquids.


Army Captain and His Wife Start Inflatable Playground

Jump N Jack's

Army Captain Uche Njoku is constantly being sent to training or deployed overseas for his job in the military. With the nature of job taking him away from home so often, Njoku’s wife, Tahiana, is left to entertain her two children by herself for months out of the year.

Tahiana would have the most trouble finding things to keep her children entertained in the winter time. She and her husband have two children, Xavier, 9, and Jisella, 5. Njoku was stationed in Iraq in January 2011, and due to the harsh Colorado winter weather, the schools were closed for a week. Tahiana was stuck inside theInflatable Playgroundir 2,000 square foot home during that week and were beginning to experience cabin fever. Tahiana’s frustration with the lack of active entertainment options in her area would give her a great idea. The Njoku family, with the help of a cousin, opened up Jump-N-Jack’s at the Citadel Crossing shopping center soon after.

Jump-N-Jack’s is located inside of a 17,500 square foot building and offers an abundance of inflatable play areas. The children can run, jump, climb, and slide on all of the different inflatable playgrounds. The kids have a great time on all of the brightly-colored and themed inflatables while burning some energy. It is great for the kids physically and is a better alternative than sitting home and keeping them busy with video games.

At first, the family considered a franchise, but ultimately they decided on starting their own business. In all, they invested around $250,000 to open their indoor inflatable playground. After starting with an initial investment of $150,000 from their savings, they took out a loan for the rest. After eight months of searching for the perfect building and location, Jump-N-Jack’s was opened.Kids' Inflatables

The playground features a 65-foot long obstacle course that proves to be a fan favorite. Jump-N-Jack’s also has several inflatable slides, jump houses, and other attractions. There is a separate play area for toddlers and another spot with Wi-Fi and televisions for parents who want to work or relax. The Jack’s café offers up pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other items for when the little ones get hungry.

Other similar businesses in the area have failed, while some have strived. The family believes that the size of their play area and the low prices will attract more customers. Children can spend the whole day bouncing and sliding for only $8.99.