Inflatable Lighting Technology Hits the Market

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New technology is created every day. Recently, both the United States and United Kingdom have come up with their own inflatable lights. The U.S. version is handheld and meant for personal use, while the U.K. inflatable light is a tower and is meant for use on the construction site.

The inflatable light from the United States is more of a solar lantern. Usually when we think of inflatables, we think of inflatable slides and bouncy houses, but a New York City-based company had other ideas. Mpowerd is the creator of the newest inflatable light called Luci. This solar-powered inflatable lantern can fold up like an accordion and Luci Inflatable Lightuses ten LED bulbs. The lantern integrates solar panel technology to power the LEDs, so you should never have to worry about changing the batteries. Luci’s design facilitates maximum portability. The lantern weighs less than 4 ounces and is only 5 inches thick. Luci can go from folded up to inflated in under a minute with the help of its pop-out blow valve. It has two brightness settings and has a flash mode for emergencies. The lithium-polymer battery that Luci uses can provide power for six to 12 hours of light and requires about seven hours for a full charge. The lantern is also waterproof, making it a perfect light source in the outdoors. It can be used for camping, as an emergency light in your car, or even as a party/accent light in your home. At a price of $15.95, the Luci solar-powered inflatable lantern is a great buy.

The United Kingdom used its inflatable lighting technology on a bigger scale. They created two different inflatable lights that are portable and quick to deploy. They were made to be used at construction sites, so workersInflatable Light Tower can easily set up a light source. The two units are called the PIL1000 and the NiteLite, and their halide lights produce 95,000 and 26,000 lumens, respectively. The bigger unit, the PIL1000, only weighs 25 kg and allowing it to be portable. The company who created the inflatable towers, Air & Ground, says it takes only about 30 seconds to inflate the tower to its full height of 4.6 meters. The great thing about the tower is that it provides 360 degree lighting and the lights are powerful enough to illuminate an area of 10,000 square meters. The smaller tower, the NiteLite, weighs only 13 kg, reaches a height of 2.7 meters, and can illuminate up to 600 square meters.  When they are deflated, they are so portable they can fit inside of a regular vehicle.

The new inflatable lights of both the U.S. and U.K. are great strides in inflatable technology. They are portable, practical, and effective. Don’t be surprised if you see people camping with Luci and blowing up light towers at a construction site near you very soon.