Best Age-Appropriate Inflatables for an Outdoor Party

These days, you can’t have a party without inflatables. That being said, not all inflatable activities appeal to all ages. Teens scoff at the notion of jumping around in a bounce house, while obstacle courses present too great a challenge, if not physical hazards, to toddlers. If you’re planning a large outdoor party (at least with 50 people present), what are the best and most age-appropriate inflatables?

Toddlers and Children

inflatable slideFor many adults, getting a child to play outdoors is a considerable challenge, and inflatables are a welcome attraction that gets boys and girls of all ages active.

As a general rule, party activities must appeal to a wide group. To get all children involved, consider setting up an inflatable slide – ideally, one that accommodates multiple children at a time – for simple yet fun races, or order a bounce house, also known as a jumper.

In certain instances, inflatables for older children may be too large for toddlers. For this reason, Inflatable 2000 offers toddler-specific activities: often areas where children under the age of 4 can move around and explore in a colorful enclosure while still being visible to their parents.

Teens and Even Adults

inflatable joustingAs you might have witnessed at a party with just a bounce house or a slide, guests 12 years old and up often look bored: Adult conversation is too dull, while the activities for children are just too unchallenging. As such, consider setting up inflatables for your teen and even adult guests.

As a basic rule of inflatables for teens and adults, select a game or activity that gets multiple people (ideally, six to 12) involved and is fun to watch. Using this as a qualifier, the best inflatables for teens and adults tend to be larger obstacle courses, laser tag enclosures, sumo suits with rings, jousting matches, climbing walls, and bungee runs.

NASA creates Inflatable Space Re-Entry Vehicle

Inflatable Heat Shield

NASA’s Space Technology Program has made a breakthrough development with their revolutionary inflatable heat shield. Just recently, NASA’s Inflatable Re-entry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE-3) completed a successful trip through the Earth’s atmosphere.

IRVE-3 reached hypersonic speeds of up to 7,600 mph during its historic trip through the atmosphere. The heat shield is made up of a custom inflatable outer shell that helps it slow down from its high speeds and offers protection upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The deputy director of NASA’s Space Technology Program James Reuther said;IRVE-3

“It’s great to see the initial results indicate we had a successful test of the hypersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator. This demonstration flight goes a long way toward showing the value of these technologies to serve as atmospheric entry heat shields for future space.”

The IRVE-3 also consists of a cone which is made up of a series of un-inflated high tech rings of braided Kevlar lined with silicon. A thermal blanket of layers of heat resistant materials is used to cover the rings. The IRVE-3 also uses materials such as Nextel, Pyrogel, and Kapton to create a revolutionary thermal protection system that is similar to a fireman’s suit. The only difference is the thermal protection system that the IRVE-3 uses can withstand temperatures up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

NASA hopes that the inflatable technology will help them explore planets like Mars, Venus, and Titan. They also hope that they can use the inflatable heat shield to eventually transport humans. The IRVE-3 project will help NASA take another giant leap in space travel.

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Inflatable Technology used for Trade Show Exhibits

Inflatable Display

A global display system company is the first to create trade show exhibit structures using inflatable technology. The technology was just unveiled recently at a launch event at the company’s headquarters in the United States.

Skyline, a display system producer and designer company, has created a new way for companies to advertise themselves at trade shows. Skyline’s WindScape exhibit system is the first system to use inflatable technology for trade show exhibit structures. By using inflatable exhibits, companies can more easily transport, set-up, and take them down.

The line of inflatable exhibits comes with 46 different standard shapes, including small overlays and back wall displays to large hanging structures and 4.8 meter tall towers. There is even a full inflatable conference room that can be used as a display. The idea behind the inflatable advertisements is portability and convenience. One of the full three meter back wall displays is easily transported in a Inflatable Exhibitsingle carry-on case and the displays only take minutes to inflate and deflate.

Skyline knew that it is a major expense for companies to transport and set up exhibits at trade shows. Their WindScape line makes the exhibits easier to transport and reduces installation time, while maintaining both quality and professional style. The inflatable exhibits are inflated by an air pump that is powered by either a rechargeable battery pack or plug that is designed to work all around the world. The structure is built around a fabric frame that contains an inner air tube. When the air tube is inflated, it creates a solid frame. The frame is covered by a wrinkle-free fabric graphic that is customized for each company. The fabric is also removable, allowing for companies to easily change the look of their exhibit.

The WindScape line, while designed for trade shows, has many other applications. They can be used for events, popup stores, outside brick and mortar stores, shopping center displays, media walls, or temporary private spaces like hotel conferences. The unique design, easy transport, set-up, and break down should make the inflatable exhibits very popular with companies looking for advertising.

Inflatable Conveyor Belt could Change Agriculture Forever

Inflatable Conveyor Belt

Agriculture is a big part of the world. We have always been looking for ways to grow and harvest crops faster to feed more people at a cheaper price. Breakthroughs in technology have gone from cattle drawn plows to tractors, and now to using inflatable conveyor belts. A company based out of the United Kingdom has created an inflatable conveyor belt that could change the way we farm forever.

The company, Aeropick, has created an ingenious wheeled and inflatable conveyor system to help aid the agricultural and horticultural harvesting process. The custom inflatable conveyor belt can stretch to distances up to 100 meters and can be deployed in under five minutes. Not only will Inflatable Conveyor Beltthis increase productivity by decreasing set-up and take down time, it will decrease labor costs significantly.

The inflatable conveyor system is driven to an open field or covered growing area on a Brumby VariTrak base vehicle. The VariTrak can vary its wheel spacing from 1 to 1.5 meters to suit crop spacing. It also has an additional 10KVA of power to allow for processing, cooling, washing, and sorting right on site in the field. The length of the belt can be set up from anywhere between 25 and 100 meters, making it highly adaptable. This allows crops to be processed at a high speed and sent to cool storage, washing, sorting, and grading faster. This will cut down on waste and increase the amount of crops that can be harvested every day.

The inflatable conveyor system can drastically change the way people farm forever. Its mobility and adaptability make it a valuable tool. Its ability to speed up harvesting will allow for more crops to be processed in a shorter period of time. This will decrease labor costs and in turn decrease the price of the crops too.

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Inflatables are Perfect for Independence Day Parties

Bounce House

It is almost July 4th and there will be tons of parties going on. If you are hosting a party of your own, adding an inflatable will take your event to another level. Whether it’s a bounce house to keep the kids busy or a giant obstacle course for the adults, Inflatable 2000 has the blow up that will increase the fun at any party.Toddlers

If you want to keep the little ones busy and happy at your Independence Day party, Inflatable 2000 carries many inflatables designed for kids. Bounce houses provide hours of fun and give kids a great workout. If you want something for very young children, there are interactive blow ups that are great for toddlers. They will have a blast climbing, bouncing, sliding, and exploring the inflatable environment. We carry so many different themes like princess, trains, and jungle that there is something to keep every child interested.

Having a real big party with a lot of older kids and adults? Inflatable obstacle courses are perfect for entertaining an older crowd. At Inflatable 2000 we carry a variety of different Inflatable Obstacle Courseobstacle courses. They all have several different elements to them and will have the whole party racing to get through them first. You will have to climb, crawl, slide, and run your way to the finish line. Another big crowd pleaser are our inflatable interactive products. Inflatable basketball hoops, boxing rings, bowling alleys, and rock climbing walls from Inflatable 2000 will add to the fun and excitement of your party.

If you are going to have guests of all ages, you can’t go wrong with an inflatable slide. We carry tons of different types of slides that are great for everyone. Check out our website to see all of the fun inflatable products that we have to offer. After having one of our inflatables at your Independence Day party, people will be talking about it until next year. Make your party the talk of the town by purchasing an inflatable from Inflatable 2000.

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