When to set up Holiday Inflatables


All in good time

Once Halloween is over the countdown begins for the holiday rush. Every year there is big uproar over how soon stores will start setting up Christmas and other holiday season décor and whether or not certain stores will be open on Thanksgiving to get a head start on the infamous Black Friday shopping day. Well, now add holiday inflatables to the list of too much, too soon.

As many people know, some homeowners take great pride in holiday decorating and also consider it friendly competition with the neighbors. From stringing up decorative lights and hanging wreaths to pumping up giant Santa’s and Frost the Snowman’s the race is on for making houses the talk of the town. However, some people find these displays gregarious and when the inflatable holiday scenes start popping up the day after Halloween it can cause some consternation in the community.

While there is no set rule or even unwritten standard for when it is the right time to start displaying holiday décor some people take it upon themselves to either be the first one setting up or the first to complain it’s way too soon.

If you are planning on getting your holiday inflatables up early this year keep in mind it costs you extra in electricity when you have lights on every night and the longer inflatables are left out the more susceptible they are to weather related damage.

We’re not ones to set rules but a good idea is to wait until December 1st to set up holiday décor and to avoid a scene out of Christmas Vacation, keep the decorations within reason.

Inflatable Car Seat Increases Portability

inflatable car seat

A woman from the United Kingdom has just secured a major deal with Walmart that will put her inflatable product on the shelves of over 2,000 of its stores. Grainne Kelly designed her inflatable car seat to make traveling with a child easier. Her deal with Walmart comes just after she made a similar deal with Target, the second largest retail chain in the United States.bubblebum

Kelly, a mother of two, came up with the idea for her inflatable car seat called BubbleBum after years of lugging around a bulky booster seat on holidays. Her product is now available in 24 countries and will be in US Walmarts this January.

BubbleBum helps parents by increasing the portability of car seats. Typically, car seats are bulky and expensive. They can be a hassle to carry around on trips and cost a lot to rent. The BubbleBum easily deflates when it isn’t being used so it can be stored away with ease and only costs $40. The BubbleBum is perfect for taxis, rental cars, or just everyday use. It is so portable that when it’s deflated you can store it in the glove compartment to save space.

The BubbleBum is a great invention because it increases safety and portablilty. Your children will never be without their car seat because you can easily bring it anywhere. It’s the perfect product when traveling, but also works great for everyday use.

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Come Visit Inflatable 2000 at IAAPALOOZA 4!!!

Inflatable 2000 will be at the fourth annual IAAPALOOZA located in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2013, from 6pm to 9pm. The IAAPALOOZA is a part of the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions represents over 4,000 members in 93 different countries. Founded in 1918, the IAAPA is best known for its Attractions Expo every year. The Attractions Expo brings the top amusement and attractions vendors from around the country. Inflatable 2000 will be at the IAAPALOOZA portion of the expo this year. There will be free food and drinks and a raffle prizes during the trade show.

Show your support for Inflatable 2000 by visiting them this year at the fourth annual IAAPALOOZA! Come check out all of their newest and best inflatable products while enjoying beautiful Orlando, Florida. The Attractions Expo will run from November 17th through the 22nd. You can check out the IAAPA website for a full schedule of events.

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Why Inflatable Injuries are on the Rise

Overcrowding often leads to injuries

Overcrowding often leads to injuries

According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission injuries from inflatables increased from 1,300 in 1997 to 4,900 in 2005 in the United States. The report also claims that in the US, 30 children are treated for bounce house injuries daily and that the number may in fact be much higher since most incidents are not reported to avoid legal issues.

However, experts in the industry point out that the increase in injuries is mostly due to negligent users of inflatables, not any inherent defect in the products.

Research indicates that majority of injuries caused on inflatables is due to excessive weight loads. When too many children or adults jump on an inflatable bounce house or combo jumper it creates an increase in pressure that often leads to ruptures and in some cases explosions. In July, six children were injured in Idaho when the inflatable they were jumping on ruptured. Again, experts point out that the accidents mostly occur due to negligence on the part of children, parents that are supposed to be watching them or a lack of proper training.

Another factor in the rise of injuries is the rise in popularity of inflatable products. There are more car accidents today than in 1930 for the simple reason that there are more vehicles on the roads. With more inflatable amusements being used across the country at parks and backyard parties the chances of an accident also increases.

Still, those in the inflatable industry stress that these accidents can be avoided with the right training and supervision. Simply setting up a bouncy castle in your backyard and letting a group of children start playing is not a safe way to entertain. Knowing the ins and outs of the product, taking a safety course and supervising the kids while they are on the inflatable can greatly reduce the chance of accidents.

World’s First Inflatable Concert Hall visits areas devastated by Natural Disasters in Japan

Ark Nova Inflatable Concert Hall

This massive purple inflatable structure is called Ark Nova. It was created by British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. The inflatable building will host world-class concerts, events, and workshops. It will be touring different locations in Japan that were affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

The giant inflatable concert hall was built in collaboration with the organizers of thark-novae Lucerne Festival. It consists of a single skin membrane that can easily be inflated and deflated for transportation. It spans a giant distance of 30 meters by 36 meters. The inflatable concert hall will make its first stop at the coastal town of Matsushima, which was badly damaged by the 2011 tsunami. Wood from the tsunami damaged cedar trees in Matsushima were used to create material for both acoustic reflectors and seating inside the concert hall.

There will be all types of events held in the concert hall. There will be classical concerts by Japanese musicians, the Sendai Philharmonic, and musical workshops for the local children. The idea for the inflatable concert hall was developed by Michael Haefliger, the artistic and executive director of the Lucerne Festival. He felt a strong desire to make a contribution to those trying to overcome the consequences of the catastrophe and hopes the Ark Nova will provide everyday pleasure for all those who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

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