Airboard Inflatable Sled for Winter Fun

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Airboard inflatable sledThe Airboard inflatable sled lets riders race down snow-covered hills at maximum speeds of 77 miles per hour. The board originated in Europe and was just introduced in the United States this winter.

The Airboard weighs six pounds and is made of durable urethane-coated nylon. It can be inflated with an included hand pump. I-beams in the body provide shock resistance. The Airboard has reinforced runners on the bottom to prevent it from getting punctured by rough terrain and to make it slide better. The valve has been engineered to resist damage from the cold that could cause it to leak, which allows the inflatable sled to stay rigid even after multiple downhill runs.

The version of the Airboard designed for adults can transport a person weighing up to 300 pounds, even over jumps. The rider lies on his or her chest and holds on tight while racing downhill. The ribbed underbelly allows the rider to steer and stop by shifting weight.

The Airboard offers a smoother ride than a wooden toboggan, which makes the rider feel the impact of every landing. The inflatable Airboard is easier to transport in a car when it is deflated and easier to transport to the top of a hill than a toboggan.

The Airboard is the first all mountain bodyboard for snow. It provides riders with the comfort, stopping ability, and control at high speeds that they need to cover the same terrain as skiers and snowboarders. It is the only lift-bound sled in the world and is popular in terrain parks, backcountry, and racing events.


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